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Editorial material "My new show" Catherine Christmas in Yaroslavl

Posted on: 02/08/2013 11:11

In the Yaroslavl Art Museum Yaroslavl see projects Catherine Christmas "Private Collection", "Native", "Vintage." Author - known in the social life of the capital of the photo artist.

Editorial material Briefing by the Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Yaroslavl region Denis Vasiliev.

Posted on: 01/08/2013 11:04

30.07.2013 briefing the Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Yaroslavl region Denis V. Vasilyev. Submission of documents for registration of candidates for deputies of the Yaroslavl Oblast Duma completed 29.07.2013g. Candidates come out at the start.

Editorial material In the Yaroslavl region disturbed criminals and abusers of children has increased.

Posted on: 30/07/2013 11:33

30.07.2013g. Oleg Lipatov, the head of the Investigative Committee's Russia by the Yaroslavl region, met with journalists to report on the work of the department for the half-year.

Editorial material Albania in one day

Posted on: 29/07/2013 16:39

For Russians, with the May 25, 2013 opened the possibility to visit Albania without a visa during the summer tourist season, and to discover this once-socialist country, and since 2009 - member of the "club" of NATO.

Editorial material The newspaper as a regulator of social stability

Posted on: 28/07/2013 16:23

Look at this booth at the Press House in the center of Yaroslavl. The paper under glass. Each new issue once carefully hung out on the wall. For young people, now it is incomprehensible form of dissemination of information.

Between Sobyanin and Bastrykin. How the authorities use the oppositionist....

Posted on: 23/07/2013 09:34

Press Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov commented on the trial of Bulk and yesterday's protests in the center of Moscow..

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