Briefing by the Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Yaroslavl region Denis Vasiliev.

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 01/08/2013 11:04

Briefing by the Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Yaroslavl region Denis Vasiliev. 

30.07.2013 briefing the Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Yaroslavl region Denis V. Vasilyev. Submission of documents for registration of candidates for deputies of the Yaroslavl Oblast Duma completed 29.07.2013g. Candidates come out at the start.

Members of the electoral commission were all conferences and meetings of the parties to nominate candidates. The next step was the opening of the electoral bill.

Party "For Justice" and "Smart Russia" passed the documents on the last day, and they were granted permission to open an account. Not clarified the situation with "Civic Platform". Electoral Commission expects an official response "Savings Bank" that would highlight - opened the party bank account or not, and thus put an end to this affair.

According to Denis Vasiliev, the fate of each political party will be addressed separately. Two of the party "Democratic Party of Russia" and the Liberal Democratic Party have already passed all validation procedures, have received certification candidates. The party "Labour Union" has withdrawn due to numerous violations in the documents of candidates (for example, the lack of availability of certificates of real estate abroad at the candidate and family members), there were problems with the report and the content of the list. At party meetings have been put forward in the list of candidates for registration alone, and in the documents submitted to the Electoral Commission of others, ie, list did not match the party decision. With the decision of the Commission Electoral Commission, representatives of the party, as reported by Vasiliev, at least verbally agreed. Failed trade unionists (as seen on the positions held candidates) to participate in the political struggle.

Who initiated phase checks. In the party lists of 835 candidates competing for 25 seats from 23 parties. At 25 281 single-member districts nominated candidate. In all, 1,116 candidates.

Unlike the current election season from the previous samovydvizhentsev.V among the last elections of 2008. there were 72, nine of them won. In the season of 2013. only 36 candidates, of which nine have gone the distance. They refused and appeared on the lists of candidates from political parties, that is, 27 self-nominated candidates, and one is denied. It is about acting member T.V.Dubrovinoy. She collected signatures, but did not provide information about the real estate outside the Russian Federation.

Elections promise to be interesting, to be exact - "dirty", and even now it is accepted to call them tech. There is a party-spoilers, namesakes candidates. Its no secret that has long been a full-veiled election campaign and began his "Sanchez" electronic media stories, as if to work officials, although everyone knows that this is - about the candidates. 

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