"My new show" Catherine Christmas in Yaroslavl

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 02/08/2013 11:11

"My new show" Catherine Christmas in Yaroslavl

In the Yaroslavl Art Museum Yaroslavl see projects Catherine Christmas "Private Collection", "Native", "Vintage." Author - known in the social life of the capital of the photo artist.

This is her second exhibition at the Yaroslavl Art Museum and the 154th in the creative life. The work of Catherine Christmas published in the journal "Caravan of history." She embodied on photo paper 30 original projects: "Private Collection", the "Association", "man and woman", "Reincarnation", "Phototests", "Childhood Dreams," "Brothers and Sisters", "Native", "Maps" "Still Life", "Classic", "Tales", "Masters", "vintage", "12 months", etc. Very nice look domestic celebrity in historical costumes and interiors of different eras. It seems that you look at the picture as a kind of "window" in a world where everything is always bright, everyone is happy. Think about it - whether its art or good marketing PR-move for the photo artist and for her characters in the picture?

According to curator YAHM Alexey Fedorchuk, this art is dictated by the requirement of modern times:

- We can argue about how much a high art. But its a deep tradition of cultural studies. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Salvador Dali denounced his line to "Caprichos" by Francisco Goya. The artist refers to the works of historical periods and trying to understand them, submit in connection with his contemporaries. The work of Catherine Christmas - a continuation of the old culturogical tradition: the artist makes some remarks, creates new on the old, it brings him closer to an understanding of his contemporaries, using new technological tools, a new reading. Project Christmas is an aesthetic and educational value, discovers the meaning of art.

"Private Collection" consists of photos of celebrities who are using the entourage of makeup and computer graphics create, literally, a copy of the famous paintings by the artist. Photo printed on canvas, varnished. For example, the spitting image of the character of the soldier Ivan Terkin poem Tvardovsky - this artist Ivan Silin. The similarity is awesome. Another artist, Marat Basharov looks even if I may say so, more effective than the image of the painting "Portrait of a Young Man" artist Andrea del Sarto. Singer Nikolai Baskov, of course, is ... with a picture of Napoleon Ernest Messonera. In "Vintage" for the basis of the composition taken pages of fashion magazines from the 40s of the last century. Maxim Pokrovsky remarkably in tune with the "dandy" of the Soviet period, with a briefcase in his hands. "Relatives" gives an opportunity to see what they are, family, famous people and understand the importance for the success of creative clans. Leonid Yakubovich family of Russian nobility in the interior, relatives of Sofia Rotaru was photographed in a French noble style, the clan Zapashnyh in the Roman splendor and Kuklacheva - a Russian version of the pastoral village. Family Vladislav Tretiak quite naturally blended into the hoops and wigs.

The exhibition is open to the Metropolitans Chambers, in the renovated rooms. Will run until October 13 and is suitable for family viewing. 

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