The newspaper as a regulator of social stability

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 28/07/2013 16:23

The newspaper as a regulator of social stability

Look at this booth at the Press House in the center of Yaroslavl. The paper under glass. Each new issue once carefully hung out on the wall. For young people, now it is incomprehensible form of dissemination of information. Meanwhile, this kind of "interactive" contact with the reader, when the latest issue of the publication exhibited in a frame under glass for accessibility, so it was decided under socialism. The newspaper "Northern Territory" ("Northern Worker") was published in 1898. There was a black-and-white edition of daily newspaper. Respected.

Surviving newspaper in tsarist flourished - with socialism. Worked there the best "feathers". Letter to the Editor "of the Northern worker" was tantamount to appeal to the supervisory authority. Department of letters ensured that the letter will be engaged, and the result is bound to be, the answer will be sent to the reader published. When oligarchism information "bun" did not escape the dictatorship of money. In 2013. quality journalism ate capitalism and domestic politicking, system mode, and perhaps even with stupidity and greed ....

Now color publication is published with the same naming, once a week. The new aesthetic design and content may fit into the present.

Meanwhile, the structural information has always been exactly the regulator that helped create a balance of interests, harmonizing social environment, stimulate important questions and explained their decision, contributed to the efficiency of public administration.

The mission of journalists today reduced to a level of entertainment. Increasingly, however, today civically active reporter often acted as a medic "forest": Indicates a problem voiced, puts the power before the fact to be resolved here and now, that they do not exacerbate social unhealthy situation.

Today it is important to request public through the media was heard. But in Yaroslavl - acted differently - a newspaper, which is more than 115 years - strangled in the "arms" of the information system managers. Now it is taken out of its own media information niche 

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