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Victoria Sotskova

Victoria Sotscova and her creative team will provide a good way to your quality goods and business services at a Russian market.

Portal SOTSCOVA. COM is open for cooperation in promoting your company , its quality services and goods at a Russian market.

We are ready to create a page on your website adjusted for understanding by Russian citizens. We will provide it with news on any given subject in an automatic regime with the use of the system api-news.com

We’ll create a website for you in accordance with your demands and specific character of a Russian market. We are ready to provide it with information on line, making public opinion, organizing surveys through the system of social network of Russian users.

We’ll write a series of articles on any subject you are interested in and locate it on portal SOTSCOVA. COM .

We are open to beneficial cooperation and dialogue. We expect your proposals and offer our projects.

If you choose to work at a Russian market, we can provide reliable information support for you .

Look forward to hearing from you .

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