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Editorial material XI International Fair of social and educational innovation in Rostov Veliky.

Posted on: 09/04/2013 15:03

With 12.4 09.po 2013. Rostov Veliky ("Yaroslavl region) International Fair of social and educational innovation. Prior to that, from 2003. event was held in the city of Samara region Otradnoe..

Editorial material Yaroslavl "Capital"goes on the market in Japan. .

Posted on: 09/04/2013 13:38

Recently, in the " Yaroslavl region was visited by representatives of business circles in Japan and signed a number of agreements with a group of companies "Capital"..

Editorial material Oleg Lipatov, head of the Investigation Department of Insurance for the " Yaroslavl region. .

Posted on: 05/04/2013 14:12

4/5/13 press-conference the head of the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the " Yaroslavl region Oleg Lipatov..

Voronezh inhabitants are ready to carry the Olympic torch at least to Khabarovsk.

Posted on: 21/03/2013 07:51

At the first stage the contestants are registered on the official website of the Coca-cola company - the official partner of the Olympic games in Sochi, leave out brief information about yourself and write, why....

The Russian foreign Ministry attaches great importance to the project of the «Caucasian dialogue» Fund Gorchakov .

Posted on: 21/03/2013 06:34

- Attach to this the work of a great importance in the context of countering attempts to prevent the successful carrying out of winter Olympic games in Sochi, " Mr. Lavrov emphasized..

Philip Стеркин: In Russia the business of return does not intend to .

Posted on: 21/03/2013 06:17

On the possible solution of the Cyprus they fell down from the fierce criticism. Voted and President Vladimir Putin, and the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and the Chairman of the state Duma Sergey....

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