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The exhibition "My favorite doll in Yaroslavl "

Posted on: 17/05/2013 08:34

From May 17 to July 28 in the Yaroslavl Art Museum will be an exhibition of a private collection "My favorite doll."

Editorial material 14.05.2013 held a coordination council ONF Yaroslavl region

Posted on: 14/05/2013 10:03

People who trusted slogans and political consultants ONF excited prospects and future political development of ONF.

Editorial material Photo exhibition "Far East - the land of the Russian Land" was opened in "Zelenograd".

Posted on: 08/05/2013 11:28

 Gennady Smirnov photo exhibition in the educational project "History of Russia - Russians," opens Muscovites simple truth: the Far East - is Russia's outpost in the Pacific.

Subsidy - a guarantee of the territorial integrity

Posted on: 04/05/2013 13:07

Director of Far Eastern Research Institute of Economics, organization and planning of agro-industrial complex of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences Alexei Shelepa tried to answer the question - whether farms are doomed to perpetual subsidies?

Who remembers - What is HOT?

Posted on: 03/05/2013 14:08

Oleg Krajushkin, an expert on conflict and Associate Professor of the Far Eastern International Academy considers it necessary to analyze the economic policy of the state. In his opinion, the winner is the one who fights for the promotion of the idea of ??a sword in his hand.

Editorial material advertisement A trap for the thief.

Posted on: 30/04/2013 12:01

The St.Petersburg company successfully "tag" thieves, making chemical traps for different taste. Fishing take place on a "bait." This is the feature of national "quiet" hunting for criminals..

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