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Editorial material Osteoporosis Center of Yaroslavl - 15 years

Posted on: 30/09/2013 19:22

One of the country's centers for the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis has opened the door for the reception of patients 15 years ago, center -based Clinical Emergency Hospital Care. NV Solovyov in Yaroslavl. The initiative of Professor Olga Pugacheva Ershovoy , vice - president of the Russian Association of osteoporosis ( RAOP ) , was to convince colleagues and superiors that the initiative will improve the quality and availability of care for patients with this disease , make life e

Editorial material Alexander Smirnov , JSC "Institute" Stroiproekt ": to listen to the expert

Posted on: 22/09/2013 10:38

What kind of relationship are arranged between the employer and the employee , often depends on the well-being not only an individual business, but it affects the landscape of social peace in the country. What happens behind closed doors of private owners , if applicable today in the business concept of rational morality in relation to those who by their labor - physical or mental - promotes capital appreciation . On this and many other things will tell the project "Social Audit" .

Editorial material The rule of " orthodox Guild masters" do unto others as you want them to do to you.

Posted on: 20/09/2013 07:29

It has long been entered into use of the name " Orthodox high school ", "Orthodox Travel Agency ", " orthodox medical center ," etc. The word "Orthodox" in the hectic leaning quite often. What is this phenomenon - focus on the "" consumer, creating "their" market for goods or services , competition or demonstration trend towards consumers , to work?

Editorial material Metamorphosis of the electoral system

Posted on: 19/09/2013 09:36

20 years ago , was created by the federal supreme body - the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation. This is a conversation with George Mikhailovich Petrov , who worked Election Commission Chairman Yaroslavl from 1995 to 2002.

Editorial material Chapter Poshekhonsky district of the Yaroslavl region, Nikolai Belov for the future of the area need

Posted on: 13/09/2013 16:37

Images in the exhibition " YarAgro " Few people know what the consequences we will feel in the future of the country's accession to the WTO. At first glance, today is no particular change is not observed : the shelves are full of products ( of which quality and country of origin - a separate conversation ) , and farmers and had previously been a government priority stepson oil-producing nation.

Editorial material Denis Vasiliev , the head of the electoral commission YAO seven parties in the regional Duma , and n

Posted on: 11/09/2013 15:22

10.09.2013 Denis Vasilyev , head of the election commission of the Yaroslavl region , told reporters on the preliminary results of the elections. Voter turnout was higher than expected . In the Yaroslavl Oblast Duma will be presented seven parties , which is not in any elected body of the country. Could not get into the legislative power of the region independents .

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