Happy International Womens Day from «Osteorus»

Author of publication: Российское информационное агентство «Национальный альянс»

Posted on: 06/03/2021 14:56

Happy  International Womens Day from «Osteorus»

All-Russian society of patients with osteoporosis sincerely congratulates all women with a wonderful spring holiday - International Womens Day!

The society members wish beautiful women, keepers of wisdom, spring mood and love!

Osteoporosis affects womens health and that is why on this holiday the patients association reminds: it is important to be engaged in prevention of the disease, not to miss an early diagnosis, to turn to specialists if necessary, to undergo a qualified treatment. 

To all the wonderful women out there: Happy  International Womens Day!

These beautiful   pictures are made by the  teacher M. Arkhipova and pupils of the Center of Animated Art  «Perspective» from Yaroslavl ,Russia A. Charkina (5 years) and A. Chapurin (10 years). 

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