Osteoporosis in the spotlight atthe Annual Yaroslavl RegionalCitizens Forum

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Posted on: 03/07/2019 10:31

Osteoporosis in the spotlight atthe Annual Yaroslavl RegionalCitizens Forum

IOF member societies OSTEORUS and RAOP provided information on osteoporosis at a major exhibition of non-profit organizations - with much interest shown by visitors.

On June 14, 2019, the XVII Citizens Forum of the Yaroslavl Region was held in Yaroslavl. The event was organized by the Public Chamber of the Yaroslavl Region, a Resource Center for supporting non-profit organizations and civil initiatives, the Department of Public Relations of the Yaroslavl Region, and the Yaroslavl State University named after PG Demidov.

As part of this event, an interactive fair of non-profit organizations was held. Volunteers of the Russian Patient Society «Osteorus» together with the doctors of the Osteoporosis Center of the Hospital named after Solovyov took part with the slogan «Love Your Bones».

The forum guests were provided with information on osteoporosis, how dangerous it is, and how to recognize when one is at risk and should turn to specialists. All interested people were given brochures with materials on the prevention of bone fractures, as well as on issues of a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and exercise. The instructor of the Yaroslavl Nordic Walking Club (Nordic-Yar) conducted an interactive workshop for everyone interested.

Much attention was drawn to the video «Give Patients A Voice», which wastaped in 2018 as part of an international competition of the same name. Its hero is Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Victor Grigoryuk.

The booth was very popular among all the visitors of the forum: women and men, and young people, asked volunteers and doctors many questions - showing that bone health and osteoporosis are issues of importance to the population.

The most frequently asked questions were: how does osteoporosis reveal itself, why are women more likely to suffer from the disease, at what age is it necessary to undergo an examination, when is densitometry necessary, etc. No less important for visitors of the fair was the topic of bone health in childhood. All interested people received contact information of the Osteoporosis Center of the Solovyov Hospital, where they can consult with a specialist and undergo an examination (densitometry).

The IOF Global Patient Charter was signed by many participants of the Forum. The work of the volunteers of the Patient Society «Osteorus» and RAOP at the Forum was appreciated by the organizers and was rewarded by a special «Thank You» certificate.

This event is one among many others aimed at the involvement of the citizens of Yaroslavl to participate in the annual World Osteoporosis Day celebration on October  20.  

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