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Editorial material Aircraft mechanic Squadron Normandie-Niemen Valentin Ogurtsov

Posted on: 08/06/2013 13:26

How is life after the veterans on May 9. Talk with Yaroslavl veteran of the Great Patriotic War Valentin Ogurtsov who served in the legendary aviation squadron Normandie-Niemen

Editorial material The Conference of patients with osteoporosis societies in Helsinki 30 May-3 June 2013

Posted on: 03/06/2013 11:43

In Helsinki (30 May-3 June 2013, Finland) hosted the Conference of NGOs patients with osteoporosis. Of the 45 countries in the world have gathered at her 140 volunteers and professionals from 53 companies. Health care systems of many countries are imperfect, and patients believe that the protection of rights to quality healthcare, disease prevention at the state level and the system to communicate with each other, they need to unite. This requires improving the activity.

Editorial material Russian Society of the patients in the Helsinki City Hall

Posted on: 31/05/2013 13:55

31.05.2013g City of Helsinki (Finland) in honor of the Conference of the World Association of Societies of patients to combat osteoporosis delegates held a reception in the old hall.

State regulation of tariffs - a brake on the development of competition.

Posted on: 25/05/2013 13:42

Opinion businessman Alexander Bronstein from Khabarovsk to reflect the views of many of his colleagues. Entrepreneurs Khabarovsk Krai concluded: with non-interference of the tariff regulation would be not only lower, but comparable to their level in the central regions of the country.

Editorial material The amendments to the election law Yaroslavl caused outrage

Posted on: 23/05/2013 14:28

23.05.13. held a press conference of political parties Yaroslavl region, including the Communist Party, "Civic Platform", "Fair Russia" on the topic: the decision of the regional Duma, adopted on 05.21.13 amending the law on the election of the Yaroslavl region.

Handling Revival Union Pedigree traditions V.V.Bibikova Bryanka to the authorities, citizens.

Posted on: 17/05/2013 11:09

June 11, 2013 in Bryansk State United museum opens 11th All-Russian Exhibition genealogy.

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