Alexander Smirnov , JSC "Institute" Stroiproekt ": to listen to the expert

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Posted on: 22/09/2013 10:38

Alexander Smirnov , JSC "Institute" Stroiproekt ": to listen to the expert

What kind of relationship are arranged between the employer and the employee , often depends on the well-being not only an individual business, but it affects the landscape of social peace in the country. What happens behind closed doors of private owners , if applicable today in the business concept of rational morality in relation to those who by their labor - physical or mental - promotes capital appreciation . On this and many other things will tell the project "Social Audit" .

           It was not easy to find a private operator , which wanted to tell it in this perspective activity. Was a bold piterets , who has spearheaded the company , which has established a system of relations of owners and workers, which may well serve as an object for imitation , even taking into account its specificity.

          Meet the JSC "Institute " Stroiproekt "in St. Petersburg , one of the four owners - Alexander Y. Smirnov, he was the first deputy general director.

             It all began in 1990 with the establishment of MP ( so called in those years the organizational form of a legal entity , " small business ") " Stroiproekt ." The only capital at that time was - it summed up the intellectual base of young professionals , faith in their professionalism , and, possibly, the maximalist audacity : the time will come and the new order was not afraid of novelty , and given a chance to prove themselves.

    Period , the country was then dashing , many people of intellectual labor were irrelevant. Others survive as best they could . History of primitive accumulation of capital in the Company do not hide all described on the site, transparent , and even have a photo of the first team in the series " How young we were ... ".

              The first five years were packed hand on projects to repair bridges away from home, to stand in the form of interaction with customers , contractors, looking for intelligent artists of their creative design ideas in difficult conditions ruin industrial complex. It was the progressive search of the way , gradually worked niche . The main thing - to create goodwill. Gradually built up customer base , expanding the geography , and because the chosen path is not turned off , then when moved temporary difficulties aside , the opportunity to realize their potential to complete the program in their areas of expertise , think about the associated business activities. The result: successfully conquering new technology , there were customers outside Russia . One could say the science of design , construction supervision , competent logistics and coordination of activities of the Institute kept pace with the times, sometimes ahead of the trend.

  By the end of the "zero" s lined up a concept of cooperation with European partners. At about the same in this period begins serious work on the Petrograd structures , it can be said that the institute had a hand in a status for the city sites. Most recently, the design is, literally, a miracle of engineering, the bridge to the island in the Russian Far East. The country can be proud of this structure. Now in the project road around Khabarovsk.

    A lot of businessmen at a stage of not being tested , as they say, " copper pipes " and begin to divide marital ( bud , engaged in raiding companions , etc.). At this turn of events is often irreversible phenomena occur for the business, employees of the fever - professionals run up to where the better in most cases ends with failure.

    With the owner of " Stroyproekt" a destructive disaster happened. Why ? Alexander, after some thought , he replied: " Whats the point ? . And the truth is they , the owners, have come a long way for the creation of what are now. Alone - that would be unrealistic , and together they can achieve significant heights in the business, stand firmly on his feet now and have a clear understanding of the development in the future. Each ground under their specific tasks, they are not faceless managers and professionals with expertise in the subject of business in a specialized industry. As in any work the body disputes and misunderstandings are inevitable, but the owners have learned to negotiate and take decisions collectively. On the personal qualities of these people were in the same field needs about one information wave.

    We can say that winning the mind , not greed , synergy gives a good result in financial terms , but also relieves tension in the relationship with business partners. Agreement companions serves as the basis of stability and in the workplace . People understand that the company is stable, comfortable work , the salary is high. Why look to the side , if professionally can realize itself fully and with dedication ?

       - We have created a system fitting into the domestic and international standards . Learn a lot in real time , apply to the work of innovation , adapting standards for engineering (if required ) of different countries in the short term - said Smirnov . - Now the engineering team of the Institute - this is 1100. We are opening branches on the need to define the tasks to group the engineering capacity to solve them. For example, the Moscow branch of the 70 people focused on the task to fit in the documentation and representation functions , supervision, etc. They have been working as a management company and give orders Moscow region , connected bridge-builders , for example, from Saratov, a branch in Great Novgorod concentrated experts from Vologda and Arkhangelsk. So close geographically easier specialists from other cities to control objects in that part of the region. This is a sensible strategy in the development of its market. There is a branch in Rostov-on -Don, the Munich office in Sochi. Formed a branch in Novosibirsk for the development of intellectual potential . This mobility allows you to quickly and effectively work on different objects . In addition , we strive to pass objects "turnkey" . There is, for example , engineering a network of 100 people , serves all kinds of work with lighting on a construction site . This approach is reflected in the quality of the final result.

        There are divisions , while not bringing revenue, but with clear goals from last year works department of the scientific support of the construction and design, and in July of this - an innovative research and development center , training of personnel. This is a requirement of the time . On the brains and creativity can not save if you want to stay in the competitive " saddle" , practices and technologies are constantly moving steadily , you should have time , if not ahead of , trends . Last year , when we went to the international contracts that established a department of international relations. Also, it is important to promptly communicate to each branch of a large amount of information.

- We do not have " fathers and mothers ", we keep ourselves and internal control must clearly work . Of each link depends on the result . With people it is impossible to kink . Given the shortage of skilled workers to lose their easy, - says Alexander Yu . - So have created conditions in which you want to go to work , to self- motivate . We also believe that the critique is necessary to extract meaningful grain : failure at any point in the chain will result in the destruction of the entire team. Specialist to listen . When afraid of criticism ? When guiding someone put a chair person , and he must at all times maintain luster . We do not need the picture , we need real results. Large group can not be without conflict . There is a growing company , not all have time for this process. But we have a lot of units and , if required, we move people to where they feel comfortable . Easier to just fire someone . Great art hold specialist.

       The institute is no trade union, has authorized the collective. On an internal resource in the " book of complaints and suggestions " can express their grievances , to identify a topic for discussion. The Institute occupies four buildings , all connected by transitions. There is a gym with showers, often conduct team games - need a discharge . On one of the walls in the hallway photo exhibition Valeria Kulamovicha Gaidarova ( Deputy Head of Supervision) , on the windowsill next - notebook for reviews , because every author wants to know what people think about this work. It is so natural ! In the dining room at the employee designated limit for 150 rubles. , If appetite clear up, then pay extra . Flowerbed in the yard with flowers , benches and you can relax for the vegetation looks after special employee . For lovers to come to work by bike is equipped with parking to be great. Schedule a "floating" , you can come as someone comfortable with an 8 am, 9 or 10. From the underground to the Institute for taxi - runs of the day "shuttle" . The age structure of an average of 37 years ( with its pluses and minuses of this period of life which constitutes a midlife crisis ) , there is also a veteran consultant who under 80 years old. Provided corporate gold badge for long service, which are awarded for work with pride for 10 years with one brilliantikom , 20 - with two diamonds, 30- with three  diamonds .

       Smirnov made ??an interesting observation : there is a tendency for young professionals , receiving high salaries do not tend to take responsibility , that is, to assume leadership positions . The institute has a great training program . Last year, 35 people have chosen out of all the units for the quest (it is a team adventure game ) , sent them on the program " European Bridges " in Europe. This year, held the second quest. It was attended by some 35 people already , the stages of the game took place in Prague , Dresden and Berlin.

- Need a constant self . It is moving ahead in business, and in the management of a large team - said Alexander Yu . - Very good understanding of mobilizing what we want to be a pioneer among fellow competitors. Of course, there is the guild solidarity. The most difficult and the unknown - is the depth of human relationships. What does this mean for business ? Very much - the relationship can be activators of positive change , but they can bury even the most successful business.

         What is the conclusion ? If the head is working properly , then the whole body - without developing pathologies. If you bet on a specialist, for the owner is just a plus to the capital .

By the way, the institute had a 23 - year history of the social audit is not performed . What for ? And so everything is clear : it is necessary to look at the results of the work , talk to people . They do not need a certificate confirming that they are - its a team : the owners , managers and salaried professionals .

At present, the social audit is voluntary , it is worth a lot of money , no state has no preference for employers seeking to international best practice in this area.

Therefore, it is important that a competent examples of the employer and the employee a reasonable balance of interests were taken as a sample and went, as they say, to the masses.

To do this, and running our social auditing .

Victoria Sotskova

Yaroslavl - St. Petersburg 

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