The rule of " orthodox Guild masters" do unto others as you want them to do to you.

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 20/09/2013 07:29

The rule of " orthodox Guild masters" do unto others as you want them to do to you.

It has long been entered into use of the name " Orthodox high school ", "Orthodox Travel Agency ", " orthodox medical center ," etc. The word "Orthodox" in the hectic leaning quite often. What is this phenomenon - focus on the "" consumer, creating "their" market for goods or services , competition or demonstration trend towards consumers , to work?

The ideal is a biblical argument , " Do unto others as you want them to do unto you." It would seem that it is easier ? Do everything to the conscience and you vozvernetsya . But thats in theory. In practice , the last 20 -plus years , there is not only a distortion of the truth, but the moral side of the business , which affects the relations between people. Everyone wants to be treated well, but themselves are far from that . Cheating has become almost the norm. How can run a business , to earn a livelihood , if the soul opposes such mayhem ? Only one solution : to create around himself a comfortable living environment of people , similar in spiritual fulfillment .

There is a St. Petersburg company involved in the repair of apartments , rooms . Is not easy , given the money is difficult, but the demand for such services is, but the formation of a team with a similar attitude to work has proved a major challenge. We need a team that has no place larceny , and have a desire to do the job professionally , having received the approval of the customer and the moral satisfaction from reaching their potential . All generally affects the reputation of the business , there is a financial return , there is stability in production. Its a cycle of good faith.

It is in this seemingly simple circuit was the complexity, and in fact most of the Russian problem - thievery , incompetence . That too is understandable: the "extras" do what they want , its full of faceless managers , not professional , here are the "lower classes " with a weak moral core and ape is not particularly penetrating , that cut off the branch on which they are sitting .

The situation has sparked an interesting undertaking , to some extent , revolutionary in nature. Symbolically, this is happening in St. Petersburg, prolific on social passionarnost . It is not just by necessity , but a matter of principle , contribute to the reconstruction of moral models in society, grassroots market relations. Someone has to stop falling down ?

Thats right, in the office of the St. Petersburg company , arranged in a modest room of the plant , unable to withstand the onslaught of the market and a new life , people do not put up with the immoral imposed by the market scenario , there was a desire to create a comfortable environment in the production , restore the integrity of the employee, to restore confidence in the Russian small businesses. And most importantly, they decided to extend this principle to the whole country , "cure" her against the introduction of anti-Russian "virus" ?

This was a conversation with an Orthodox man , head of the firm Alexander Root .

- I can tell , the family business . It is a personnel problem prevents forward movement , although there is a serious front for development . The moment came when it was a clear understanding that fundamental changes are needed . Decided that we will bet on the Orthodox people , meaning that it is synonymous with integrity and morals. I went to my father to ask a blessing on it to create an " orthodox Guild masters ." And was very surprised when my father said that the Orthodox people went hard today . He , of course , know better , because the professed people know a lot , and so there are grounds for such conclusions . Advertised in the newspaper with the Orthodox subjects and was the first disappointment : woman offered dispatcher firms do less work, and the difference lay in his pocket. Not surprisingly , the rulers of impunity " sawing " , the same dream of doing many ordinary citizens .

However, the selected reformatting the system of recruitment refused. We have prepared a questionnaire which fills the worker , it ask attitude to Orthodoxy. There are so -called educational team . There are sending a beginner , a period of working closely with him master , watch over the quality of the work relationship. After the test, give or separate order, or include in the team and also at this stage monitor performance. Then draw conclusions . Another problem with which we are confronted , it is a large-scale alcohol abuse in this area. Every second has a drinking problem , it seriously affects the operation of the entire company .

          Amazing , but Alexander Kornev, a good soul , yet finds an explanation for the people who live and work on the immoral principles. The root is that such a deformation of the person occurred because the " extras" left us all in the lurch as you want, and survives. The man realized his social orphanhood, was to survive in the jungle, by all means . About morals whether in such a case, he thought , if the " pipe burn" , or stomach rumbling , or relative needed treatment , and children learning? Some found out, kept the clean environment of the soul , and others - dropped . In some ways Kornev rights ...

- I also think that is still alive in the minds of many of the " burp " of socialism that if I work in an office , then do nothing. And if he scores a hammer nails , the whole truth of life belongs to him. The time has passed . Much useful to society could be taken out of socialism , the right values ??, for example, and the system of education and training , health care . Not allowed to take .... But we need to build the scheme of life now, without losing the spiritual aspect . For this purpose, the idea to get people with the right moral values ??, and most importantly by professionals in a single community , to create a database through the " Guild of Orthodox masters ." I think that the winter will launch an Internet portal, each a master in order to be its own page , everything is transparent , the customer can see who will come to him , to read what kind of person and what kind of professional. Wizards will also be able to communicate with each other , share experiences , support each other. Benefit from this idea of ??everything, but the main thing will be a landmark to which you can aspire to be .

One can argue long as we have everything goes to hell . But few who are able to action . Alexander Kornev step by step, doing his good work. His business can be called socially-oriented : it does not require upgrades and innovations , other fashion innovations million investment , but is tied to relationships, the quality of services. People - this is the hardest . Therefore, in the changed social conditions, he is obliged to keep up with the times, to be constantly on our toes.

I am convinced that he is not the only one who thinks that a professional must be a moral person to carry their knowledge for the benefit of society. And it confirms the group of " orthodox Guild Masters" in the social network VKontakte , which is constantly joined by new readers . Join the Guild ! Join creation, the Orthodox attitude to work , format the relationship in a new way and change the world if it does not suit you. It is quite capable people who believe . Find time in the bustle of everyday life to the Russian world became stronger, will be contributing to the cause Kornev , the average person who is convinced that he was right .

Victoria Sotskova ,

Saint Petersburg 

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