Osteoporosis Center of Yaroslavl - 15 years

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 30/09/2013 19:22

Osteoporosis Center of Yaroslavl - 15 years

One of the countrys centers for the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis has opened the door for the reception of patients 15 years ago, center -based Clinical Emergency Hospital Care. NV Solovyov in Yaroslavl. The initiative of Professor Olga Pugacheva Ershovoy , vice - president of the Russian Association of osteoporosis ( RAOP ) , was to convince colleagues and superiors that the initiative will improve the quality and availability of care for patients with this disease , make life easier for many people who would make a great contribution to the the scientific development of the topic.

Today we can say with confidence that the mission was accomplished. Was refined methodology for creating centers , streamline internal regulations of the specialists brought to the attention of the public and the scientific community to the disease, studied international experience , explored best practices , and most importantly - the patients got a chance to alleviate their plight with timely diagnosis .

Soon centers of osteoporosis , in the likeness of Yaroslavl , began to appear around the country regularly . There are now more than 50 centers to fight osteoporosis.

How it all began? These events have already belong to history . Work and perseverance have helped in the fight against the most sophisticated organizational moments , skeptical colleagues and management . First, it has been allocated space in an industrial clinic Hospital. Solovyov. It all started for the first time , no one knew how to organize work and what will happen next. A big role in the creation of a new center that was played by the main hospital physician Alexander Alexandrovich Degtyareva .

- I came to the third-year center has been sitting on the methods and studied, - says the head of the center Ksenia Belova . - The first physicians in 1998 were Ershov and Olga Olga Semenova . Diagnostic method that allowed the diagnosis was radiography and computed tomography and used - QCT. At this time, the center was the principal adviser professor of radiology medical institute Nikolai Beloselsky . He studied the pictures , trying to identify patterns to diagnose the disease at an earlier stage . Only in 2003 was set densitometer purchased at the expense of the regional budget and therefore established veterans in the hospital . There has been a regional center established osteoporosis. Here, in the city , continued to see patients and referred them to diagnose the regional center . In 2007 , the program was held pharmaceutical company, "Novartis" , and in our center was installed X-ray osteodensitoometr firm Hologic. Setting the unit has become a significant stimulus and an argument for expanding center. Lepeshinskaya Ershovoy efforts have led to the fact that we now have 4 bets rheumatologist who are receiving patients with osteoporosis and perform research on the densitometer . Because of this, every year we take about five thousand patients. Empowerment Center has led to a simplification of work with patients and increase coverage. We plan to further expand the center, the purchase of a second densitometer , the expansion of space, which occupies the center . Through this we hope to increase the number of people who will be able to get help on osteoporosis at our center , pay more attention to prevention, as well as a regular school of osteoporosis for patients and professionals , etc.

More attention to the work of the center is taken to be aware of the latest scientific developments on this issue. Scientific director of the center is Professor Olga Ershov. The centers employees are constantly improving their skills. At present, KY Belova and Anna Nazarova are candidates of medical sciences. Total on osteoporosis defended 8 theses. In 2010 , thanks to the work center staff and graduate students , was carried out a study whose purpose was to study the real incidence of fractures of the proximal femur in the inhabitants of Yaroslavl . It is no secret that in many cities of the Russian Federation, patients with these fractures may not receive appropriate care , which is compulsory hospitalization and urgent operation . Only such measures may allow an elderly patient to survive, to get up and go back to their previous activity. For many years in Yaroslavl was a system of compulsory hospitalization of these patients. The staff of the center during the year monitored all cases of fractures that occurred among city dwellers . Were involved in local therapists and emergency room physicians to obtain data on those patients who, for whatever reasons, refused to be hospitalized , and examined their trauma at home. The results on the epidemiology of fractures of the proximal femur were part of the data , which were the basis for the inclusion of the Russian Federation in the counting of the absolute risk of fracture (the system FRAX).

Now center takes an active part in " Prometheus ", initiated RAOP , to establish a system of secondary prevention of fractures in patients who have already received the low-energy fractures to osteoporosis . The creation of this system is in close cooperation with traumatology who refer patients with fractures for examination and treatment by qualified . In addition, we are working to establish a register of patients with fractures of the proximal femur . Register will automatically organize the data on such patients , to evaluate the assistance they receive , and the outcomes of treatment assignment against osteoporosis. The information collected on the project " Prometheus" , logistics and conclusions will form the basis of the formation mechanism of monitoring and observation of patients to other centers , which should improve the outcomes of the fracture.

To provide optimal care at the center has established close contact with endocrinologists , nephrologists , traumatology and orthopedics. In the long term clinical work - expanding diagnostic capabilities , development and implementation of the results of the genetic analyzer, which will identify a predisposition to the disease .

Yaroslavl Center of osteoporosis will always strive to be one of the best. Keep such a bar is not easy, but there are already accustomed to stand still , to initiate , maintain, and implement academic and professional endeavors , understand the full measure of responsibility and to patients , and to the Russian medicine.

Victoria Sotskova , Yaroslavl 

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