Denis Vasiliev , the head of the electoral commission YAO seven parties in the regional Duma , and n

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Posted on: 11/09/2013 15:22

Denis Vasiliev , the head of the electoral commission YAO seven parties in the regional Duma , and no independent deputy.

10.09.2013 Denis Vasilyev , head of the election commission of the Yaroslavl region , told reporters on the preliminary results of the elections. Voter turnout was higher than expected . In the Yaroslavl Oblast Duma will be presented seven parties , which is not in any elected body of the country. Could not get into the legislative power of the region independents .

According to Denis Vasiliev , 850 polling stations were summarized and protocols , all 26 regional commissions have completed work on 25 single-mandate constituencies. Predicted turnout of about 20 % , 31.3 % voted in Yaroslavl . Preliminary results from single member constituencies are likely to remain unchanged.

       In the Yaroslavl 23 Duma seats received EP in single member constituencies , one - green and SE . Restoration of the regional Duma in such volume as no surprise , with a prevalence of one-party accustomed . But it was confirmed that the other parties in the region, in practice, do not lead the organizational and advocacy, do not form a pool of his supporters do not have a strong, authoritative resource personnel in the population .

       A total of seven self-nominated . One of them refused to fight himself , the other two forced the circumstances , the rest did not validate peoples love and the thickness of the purse. As noted by Denis Vasiliev, in the last Duma independent kandiatov was nine . Now Yaroslavl does not have an independent representative. Rather, they are " drowned " in a stream of parties , spoilers, an avalanche of party money and "dirty" technologies.

The results for party lists.

         Came to the start of the campaign 20 games . According to the preliminary results of the 5 % threshold , which entitles you to one mandate to overcome : the Liberal Democratic Party ( 5.12 %) and RPR- Parnas ( 5.11 %). In general the Liberal Democratic Party led by the head of the list in the Omaha office Potapov AV, and he gets the mandate . In Parnassus - Boris E. Nemtsov is so rushing to work in our area . In addition, the politician known as one of the "fathers" of the housing reform , when in 1997 he Chubais and Boris taxiing down the government of Boris Yeltsin . The main emphasis was he doing on that to reduce subsidies for housing and utilities. And in Yaroslavl , disgruntled municipal problems , now has a chance to look into the eyes of this man who had condemned them to this whole mess and legalized rip-off .

           Another three parties have overcome the 7 % threshold set by the legislation of the Yaroslavl region , and were admitted to the distribution of the remaining 23 s mandates. According to the procedure established by local law , the regional office receives four Communists mandate. One gets the first secretary of the regional AV Vorobyov ( he now has to either stay the deputy municipality, or go to the Duma ) . Next, the deputy fall of territorial groups mardala EY ( territorial group № 5,18%), Kuznetsova ED (№ 9,16%), Leikin AP (№ 6,15%).

    It should be noted that the composition of deputies from the Communist far down the political potential that was in Communist deputies in the last Duma. It is possible that in the party organization in recent years, there may even already irreversible changes. It seems that the true ideas , with significant professional experience comrades , have replaced the first secretary of loyal and somewhat impersonal . It is possible that such a structure allows parties did not fight for the rights of workers, as the statute requires , and political games with opponents for the sake of personal ambition than the last one and a half years and is engaged in the current leadership .

 The party "Fair Russia " ( 9.67 %) claim to three seats . One departs Greshnevikov AN, who was walking in the campaign leader of the list (this phenomenon is called " steam ") to the list and it is not known what he would do : give up the mandate received , and will remain a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation or descend below the regional Duma. The other two go to the territorial mandate of the list , depending on the percentage of votes received , which is calculated as the ratio of the number of votes cast for the party in the territorial group to the number of valid ballots . Thus, won AN Ershov ( territorial group № 13,18%) and Sevacheva ON (№ 19 , 16.71 %). The result disappointing , given the amount of funds spent on pretty aggressive campaign due ambitions leader of the list AN Greshnevikov be as it seems , the future governor of the region .

United Russia won 42.25 % of the vote on party lists and won 16 seats. One goes V. Tereshkova Dispose of them as it is not yet known . The remaining 15 are distributed by territorial groups.

       EP has maintained its presence in the regional Duma compared with last composition. Qualitatively upgraded part of its members , but not so much to lose the political direction of the legislature , which will be shown , as before , in the unity of action of the executive and legislative branches in the region.

        Thus, in the Yaroslavl Oblast Duma 39 ( if he refuses AN Greshnevikov , then 40 ) of the 50 seats at the EP , one from the Liberal Democratic Party , Parnassus and GP , three in Slovakia and four in the Communist Party .

In addition, selected 25 chapters (Mayor of Rybinsk , 3 heads of municipal districts and settlements of chapter 21 ) . All chapters have remained in their places : Dove Y. (Mayor of Rybinsk , scored more than 80%), Kuritsin AG ( MR Myshkin , 69.89 %) , Smirnov AV ( Danilov LL , 43.27 %) , Golyadkina II ( May Day MR , 36 , 24%) .

       Denis Vasiliev added that there was no failure in the practice of the mandate , so if you get up to the mandate of the " locomotive " refuses, then the mandate will go on the disposal of the election committee for a new redistribution of the procedure , it is designed so the rules of law . This provision challenged in court, but to no avail. Previously, such a mandate remained in the party, she handed it to the next on the list of party members .

         At a press conference attended by representatives of the parties of CP , the Communist Party and the GP. The first secretary of the regional committee of the Communist Party offered to resign Denis Vasiliev. At the head of the electoral commissions escapade has not responded , saying that for this reason does not see. But, if such an application was received , it will be considered by the Commission.

           Suddenly, all sounded aloud something from which repudiated the Communists , literally , in the summer before his superiors in the party comrades from Moscow. The candidate of the GP permeate of Uglich , Orfanitsky VV (district number 21 , 29.45 %) , unwittingly , exposed the inside story of small-town politics. He complained about the unfairness of the election, announced a number of objective factors. Then he said , literally , thanks to colleagues from the Communist Party and CP for the fact that they are supporting his candidacy , not put up their own candidates in his constituency .

        Aw, Snap ! Let it slip ! As they say, a contractual " match ." A year ago, the elections in the municipality of Yaroslavl was merging the interests of the first and second secretary of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party and members of the oligarchs. Do not agree with part of the Communists and their " repressed ": squeezed out of the regional leadership in the party lists , they have not got, or in this version that the chance to go to the Duma was not. Even AM Smoke, which was at the forefront of Yaroslavl regional , and when the spirit A.V.Vorobeva next to mine was not - found only in the municipality of Pereslavl.

           This policy led to the result that were faceless candidates ( perhaps it is a type of HP and demanded the head of the regional committee) . By the way, in the municipality of Yaroslavl , thanks to the betrayal of the interests of the party, as many believe, were two members who are not suffering sympathy for the ideas of the communists , D. and A. Demin Golitsyn .

         Political intrigue and used to be , but the parties were competitors in achieving objectives. And now there is an innovation of the season - negotiated coordinated campaign . Becomes unnecessary political struggle as a phenomenon. Why spend fervor, if the " defenders" of the working people get along well with the liberal oligarchy ? Created profanity opposition struggle. Perhaps this phenomenon and make new adjustments to the legislation on elections.

        The illusion of democracy. There is no one to trust people ... 

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