Yaroslavl Art Museum at the forefront of the professional community

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 10/06/2013 09:19

Yaroslavl Art Museum at the forefront of the professional community

June 10, 2013 in Yaroslavl Art Museum held a press conference "Intermuseum 2013. Victory. Prospects. " The museums director Alla Khatyukhina told reporters about the victory of the "Seminarians at the Museum" at the International Festival of Museums "Intermuseum 2013".

Many years in the Yaroslavl Art Museum experts create for Yaroslavl interesting innovations introduced in the treasury of the countrys achievements own museum quality product. It is possible that this is due to the understanding of the responsibility of museum staff to fellow citizens, to the history of Russia, in which they make their own production of "building blocks". This helps to maintain respect for the past, the present, forms the ideological tendencies of the younger generation. And it can be profitable if the quality will also work in the tourism sector in the region unison with the museum staff.

At the press conference, museum workers have shared artistic and scientific achievements in the very significant for professionals from Russia and the CIS this industry professional competition. At the International Festival of Museums "Intermuseum 2013" YAHM won the competition of educational programs "Museum as an educational resource" in the "rare visitor". The "Seminarians at the Museum" has bypassed originality rivals. I must say that the last two years YAHM participated in the festival, but the project did not put to the jury.

Director YAHM Alla Khatyukhina given only five minutes to the presentation of the project to formulate his artistic nature and affect the underlying string of professional consciousness of the jury. It is worth noting that this year was different composition of the jury, it included representatives of various circles and museum communities. This difference of views in conjunction with specialist expertise allow them to make objective decisions. Many questions were asked, the discussion of the Yaroslavl project dragged on for 15 minutes. Participants are also allowed to attend the competition in defense projects. And everyone at this stage could compare the offer with the ideas of competitors that have not previously practiced at the festival.

Changes in the structure of the festival was a lot. One of them, for example, the organization of the site for the sale of souvenirs for all the museums in the "Museum Store". According to the director YAHM, their products are gone, what is called the flight. Also at the festival were held master classes, there was an exchange of experiences, training seminars, which helped the industry expert to look beyond the activities, see current trends, learn about innovations, compare.

YAHM also held at the site of the festival on June 2, "New Years Celebration on the contrary, the summer without worries" - the event of the new format. According to the authors Cat, played by actor Igor Zobnetseva Yaroslavl Young Peoples Theatre, the factory guys mysteries of the museum, and gave the job and played with them. Enlightenment occurred in the form of a game, especially like the guys. For example, the party of "Art-domino" finished art "fish". At the end of the "journey" guys discovered the secret "treasure" of the museum, were "novoletnie" gifts. It is possible that with the filing of YAHM "New Year naobrot" will become a tradition for all Russian children.

As a reward for new ideas implemented in the projects, the museum has received two diplomas, three thousand rubles. and IPad. Also, the project received a special award of ICOM Russia (All-Russian public organization - the "Russian Committee of the International Council of Museums") - a certificate for a trip to the conference «The best in Heritage» Dubrovnik (Croatia) on the preservation of cultural heritage.

Interestingly, as museum workers ordered received. Diplomas, as is usual in such cases, took pride of place on the wall "of honor», IPad - a job, a question on an assignment - to go in the autumn of this year, or next year - still under discussion. After all, the conference must also adequately represent the creative tendencies YAHM to keep the bar and this requires a lot of preparation.

But finance is not rassovali pockets, and decided to send a very right thing. For many years there was a question on what means the frame to make a copy of the miraculous icon of the Kazan Mother of God of Kazan in Yaroslavl womens monastery. Icon - has been lost, and its frame is stored in the XVI century museum. Of its copying lacked funds. Museum prize will go to a good cause it is planned to complete the work of copying to November 4, the day of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God.

Nearly twenty years in the discharge of curiosities was reluctant to enter the "class" of enthusiasts working to the benefit of the company or enterprise of the state. But this is a unique feature of the soul and nature is still present in the province. It is here, in the capital until the end of uncorrupted among specialists often, the enthusiasm, committed, practical, feats in the name of art, but for the sake of not only sustenance. Perhaps this vestige of socialist ideology has remained in the provincial environment because there is a special intellectual environment. This is the phenomenon of the present provincial intelligentsia, which realizes the potential for the community, for the image of the region of the country. Today they mainly rely on their own strength, each project milestone for them as ...

Tourism industry, the cultural environment of Yaroslavl was very fortunate that the region is working YAHM that aims to surprise Yaroslavl and guests.

Good luck, YAHM in reaching new creative heights!

Victoria Sotskova 

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