Separate opinion of Yaroslavl Communist deputies.

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 10/06/2013 16:41

Separate opinion of Yaroslavl Communist deputies.

Twenty years ago, was created by the Yaroslavl Regional Committee of the Communist Party. True social ideology were tens of thousands who are in the party, Yaroslavl. Among them, pereslavets Alexander Dyma.

Recently, the first secretary of the regional committee of the Communist Party Pereslavsky Yaroslavl region Alexander Dyma gathered his comrades for good for every 60-year-old man about it - the anniversary date. It seems that communication comrades from the category of everyday life, but a friendly meeting of communists turned into a serious conversation about how it all started and the situation in which the Communists are now Yaroslavl. 

Alexander is directly related to the creation of the Yaroslavl Regional Party. Therefore, party comrades have something to remember, and the current situation provides a lot of reasons for a serious, honest conversation about the fate of the party and its activities, achievements and failures.

After the tragic collapse of the Soviet Union, the Communist Party of the ban A.M.Dyma not quit the party ticket and did not succumb to a defeatist attitude. He served as First Secretary of the Party Committee and Pereslavsky understand better than if you do not create their own line of defense, ie protect workers rights, capitalism will "eat" and us, and the future of children and zatopchet lie past. What, exactly, is currently the case.

So, 20 years ago made a choice Smoke and joined the opposition to the new government. January 21, 1993, after laying flowers at the monument to Lenin on the main square of Pereslavl, he and his comrades on a kind of "quick-board" decided that a meeting will convene all the urban party organization, which registered consisted of more than two thousand. Responded to only 200 people. At the meeting was made by a former soldier and said that members of the Communist Party itself destroyed himself and the legacy of the Soviet Union and the Communist Party does not suit them, so they, the military, will not take part in the revival of the party. This position of the military was not accidental or surprising, because they already have broken the oath, given the Soviet Union and failed to protect the state. As a result of the meeting left 150 people with this skeleton and started a new life in the communist Pereslavl area.

Over the years, Alexander has repeatedly elected a deputy of the regional Duma of Yaroslavl communists of his district and worked in committees dealing with economic issues. In the area of ??the field and he is known and respected for their professionalism and principled position communist. He did not depart from their party or conscience, then in the beginning of the road, not now, when the Yaroslavl regional committee appeared, in his view, far removed from the current program of the Communist Party trend towards an alliance with any political forces, including the (anti-communist) ultra-right-wing, for (and, perhaps, and most likely) personal gain and demonstrate the double standards - for the people - one in his circle - another.

On the eve of the election to the communists came before walkers with different proposals "come together" for the sake of a "common" victory. But they refused. However, in 2012, experienced a communist and a number of his comrades personally seen the first signs of an unhealthy excitement over the election of the mayor of Yaroslavl, who suddenly began to position itself as a "people." And the best "makeweight" brand "people" of the mayor, a supporter of the oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov had not come up with than the favor of the local regional party, expressed in public support. Only the blind or impure thoughts man could not see the harmfulness for the authority of the Communist Party of the step.

Alexander, and other members of the regional committee expressed its intransigent position - you can not maintain the oligarch, to betray the faith of workers in what the party stands for their rights. This has caused, literally, an aggression by the first secretary of the regional committee and supporters support "Civic Platform". Why, 20 years later, we have to defend and prove the obvious truth? Could it be that where there is no logic of political struggle, where there is interest?

Smoke was at the forefront of the Communist Party, has experienced it all difficult times. Pereslavl unity of the party organization is strong, capable, authoritative. Now the share of the communists among the population in the area in Yaroslavl more than tripled to more than the average in the region, twice. It consists of 14 primary offices nine of them - in the countryside. Smart political, organizational and ideological work of AM Fumes marked by the Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. Chairman of the Central Committee Gennady Zyuganov sent a congratulatory address to the celebrant, who handed him AD Kulikov, a member of the Communist Party Central Committee, State Duma Deputy from the Yaroslavl region. In an address - thanks for their loyalty, honesty and wishes of fruitful activity.

Victoria Sotskova 

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