The memory of Reme Yustinove

Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 13/06/2013 16:50

The memory of Reme Yustinove

June 13, 2013 the opening of a memorial plaque in memory of a remarkable Yaroslavets - Reme Yustinove Aleksandrovich (03.01.1930 - 11.11.2012) in Znamenskaya tower in the center of Yaroslavl.

It depicts Ram, and so often it and Zavala, smiling and simple signature "Here he worked SEM." Thats right, with a letter and must be inscribed in the history of the name of a wonderful man. In the tower were the most productive years of his creative life. Ram was a man - the twentieth century, but a great fit for the realities of the twenty-first century.

The event was attended by the widow of Zoya Povazhnaya, a dozen public. Constructed and installed on board a means of AA Simon.

"Headquarters" in the Sign tower in the center of Yaroslavl years privechali intelligentsia, was a gathering of journalists. Ram A. invested a lot in promoting a positive image of the region, to the patriotic and moral education of young people. Has done much to the memory of the hero-Soviet submariner Valery Kharitonov was not forgotten (he was killed during the rescue of the nuclear submarine "K-19").

    It is known that Znamenskaya tower, shelter volunteers, began to encroach raiders. Place something in the historical center. He defended his work, and that shattered health. Who now will get the tower may ROC? No one picked up the banner of Ram is not - nor social activists, whom he does not abandon or relatives ... 

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