The exhibition "My favorite doll in Yaroslavl "

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Posted on: 17/05/2013 08:34

The exhibition "My favorite doll in Yaroslavl "

From May 17 to July 28 in the Yaroslavl Art Museum will be an exhibition of a private collection "My favorite doll."

In the Yaroslavl Art Museum opened an exhibition of dolls from a private collection. The basis of the exhibited collection was founded over 40 years ago in St. Petersburg. A collection of the last 12 years belongs to a private collector Marina Beljakova (Commandant), which in that time it has greatly expanded. Today, the collection of more than 1,500 exhibits.

The exhibition "My favorite doll" will feature more than one third of this collection, which includes childrens toys of different eras, from the XIX century to the present day production of different countries: Germany, Japan, China, the Soviet Union.

Fashion for dolls has changed over time, they were made of wood, papier-mache, china, celluloid. Doll real life repeating life: toy furniture, jewelry, clothing meet the tastes and ideals of the modern era.

Dolls stored personal stories of their respective owners - sad, funny and instructive. Antique doll Sonja, created at the factory Armand Marseille, saved their owners from starvation when her revolutionary Russia were exchanged for bread from the baker. Bobblehead-negro was found in the spring of 1945 by a Russian soldier in the ruins of Berlin. The soldier put it in a duffel bag and brought home to their children in Leningrad.

Much attention has always attracted spectators cat, in which the children played the siege of Leningrad: toys then it does not get it, so my mother sewed children from scraps of other soft tissue. Pride of place in the collection is another doll from the siege of Leningrad - "Chocolate Helen." It got its name because of its owner - a female doctor sent to the besieged city for the rehabilitation of the residents. Get daily ration, she postponed due to her chocolate. When it came time to leave Leningrad, it all changed skoplenny chocolate on the doll.

The exhibition can be seen running for a copy of this Podolsky sewing machine doll seamstress who helped save the seriously ill girl. Baby is doing better after promising to buy her a doctor in case of recovery, the beautiful doll.

At the exhibition besides dolls are machine-1930s that replicate real models of cars, metal designer, wooden horses, railroad, toy furniture and utensils that belonged earlier to children from different countries and eras.


Musautova Elizabeth Arkadyevna researcher permament exhibition department

Information - 727-838, 303-504, [email protected] 

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