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Editorial material Yezidis appealed to Vladimir Putin for help

Posted on: 10/08/2014 15:37

08.08.2014 held an emergency meeting of the Yaroslavl Regional Public Organization "Yezidis". Diaspora representatives adopted an appeal to the President of Russia. They are outraged by genocide Yezidis and Christians in northern Iraq in an area Shangal.

Historic opportunity Crimean return their rights and freedoms

Posted on: 12/03/2014 17:56

After committed in February 2014 Western nationalist gangs coup in Kiev Crimeans were again faced with a dilemma : as soon as possible to restore their national identity and independence or finally become a vassal principality Lvov- Kiev Maidan ?

Editorial material Forum "Business . Innovation. Education "and strategic technology ASI

Posted on: 22/11/2013 19:39

From 21 to 22 November 2013. Yaroslavl forum was held "Business . Innovation. Education ". It was attended by theorists from the academic world , government officials , NGO representatives , experts and entrepreneurs. Big names were not. Representatives of the province were able to mingle and talk. Efficiency of such events usually has no practical significance . The main thing - to voice problems , talk about their experiences .

Editorial material Massive failure of candidates to fight for seats in the elections of deputies in the Yaroslavl regio

Posted on: 30/08/2013 13:10

30.08.2013 election committee held a briefing in the Yaroslavl region. The election race in the Yaroslavl region is entering the home stretch. The head of the electoral commission in the region Denis Vasiliev informed the journalists about the current situation, generous on the curious events and predicted a low voter turnout .

Editorial material Victor Kostin : Rostov the Great issued a promissory note of confidence.

Posted on: 27/08/2013 18:03

27.08.2013 , Konstantin Shevkoplyas , the mayor of Rostov Veliky , talked about the prospects for the development of the city. The press conference was also attended by the Deputy Governor of the Yaroslavl region, Viktor Kostin , Chairman of the patrons of Yaroslav Michael Krupin , Rostov Duma deputy district Anton Corporals

Who remembers - What is HOT?

Posted on: 03/05/2013 14:08

Oleg Krajushkin, an expert on conflict and Associate Professor of the Far Eastern International Academy considers it necessary to analyze the economic policy of the state. In his opinion, the winner is the one who fights for the promotion of the idea of ??a sword in his hand.

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