Forum "Business . Innovation. Education "and strategic technology ASI

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Posted on: 22/11/2013 19:39

Forum "Business . Innovation. Education "and strategic technology ASI

From 21 to 22 November 2013. Yaroslavl forum was held "Business . Innovation. Education ". It was attended by theorists from the academic world , government officials , NGO representatives , experts and entrepreneurs. Big names were not. Representatives of the province were able to mingle and talk. Efficiency of such events usually has no practical significance . The main thing - to voice problems , talk about their experiences .

Even the layman it is obvious that the countrys backwardness of advanced technologies in the world due to the raw material orientation is close to fatal. Society and the federal government , literally , crying that something needs to change . European citizens want comfort and stability , the government - a shortage of tax and business indifferent to social problems . But business does not seek to solve social problems , and it is not his business. To modernize it is also not particularly anxious because there are ways to profit without much hassle. Local authorities continue to clip coupons by administrative influence in the region. Rare governor creates the conditions for the introduction of innovations , as he would have to cope with the social " weights ". Do not want to complicate your life grassroots level officials chores that require a particular job. Do not create a query to jobs for qualified professionals . Students who complete high school, do not see the application areas for brains and leave for more favorable for the economy of this world. And innovation stuck in the offices of officials. Business "landscape" , at times, depressing.

If 20 years ago on a wave of enthusiasm brave enough , the strongest of them survived , and some even thriving , and not even in our country or went into politics. Today the rare student or student wants to create their own high-tech enterprise . More guys want nesuetnoy administrative work - giving guidance and control .

In August 2013 was created ANO " Agency for Strategic Initiatives to promote new projects ." The Supervisory Board of the organization headed by the President . Representation Agency in CFD , located in Kaluga, oversees 17 subjects . Supervises structure Vitaly Eremeyev . Prior to that, he served as Deputy Governor of the Kaluga region and knows the finer points of the system in government and business relations . Forum came to participate in the section " Effective power : strategic management of territorial development . Inter-regional strategic partnership " on the topic : " The interaction between business and government as a tool to improve performance . "

According to him , the federal government is interested in promoting business. Braking process is in the regions. The agency to monitor the situation , adjust, if necessary, entrepreneurs and government actions in the interests of public inquiries, promote business and investment climate. The purpose of participation in the forum : support agency projects and dialogue with the leadership of the region.

- To some extent, the agency intended to initiate reforms , "translate" business inquiries into the "language " of officials . We form an investment standard , create communication platform for dialogue and reducing administrative barriers , - says Vitali Eremeyev . - The agency aims for maximum magnitude of the task . First of all, to improve the countrys position in the international ranking , and create conditions for attracting investment , and then patronize investor when in contact with the regional authorities .

According to him, in Yaroslavl have successes in the development of the investment climate , there are positive preconditions and potential for economic development and attracting investment .

- What is the investor faces in implementing its project in the region? With a set of paradoxes from site selection to build up recruitment of problems connecting object to resources - gas, electricity up to a completely different system of taxation . This all hinders the infusion of money into our economy investors - continues Eremeyev . - Agency intended to simplify these steps . There are entrepreneurs who are well versed in their field, they see that the problems of the industry , in some cases , linked to inadequate legislation . They urge the authorities to change. Thanks to their initiative came "road map." This plan corrective actions legal system to simplify administrative barriers. Agency groups around themselves enterprising people . To do this, an internet platform for the exchange of information and contacts. Everyone can offer their expertise to the project . The project will study the experts express opinions , point to strengths and weaknesses . Our task is to motivate officials and business to work for the good of the country. Official, often referring to the specifics of armchair activity does not see the whole range of problems entrepreneur reap " shoals " of legislation in practice. Need to seek consensus interests of business and society.

At the forum Vitaly Eremeyev met with the Governor of the Yaroslavl region Sergey Yastrebov . Issues of interaction with representation on projects ASI in Yaroslavl region , including the implementation of the " National entrepreneurial initiative ." In addition, an agreement was reached on the formation of the application of the Yaroslavl region to participate in the project " dual education ".

         By business in society today have accumulated a lot of complaints - poor production management, leading , at times, the provincial cities to social collapse , the desire to short-term profits , lack of civic understanding , raw material orientation . Whether to innovation , to create productions whether , if no one knows what will happen tomorrow ? Society has been held hostage by the problems that with political will , can be eradicated .

         Agency in turn will help the interests of investors and government officials to the true interests of society, which requires authorities to progress and prospects ? Wait and see . Vitaly Eremeyev reassuring : "It is important to understand who we work for , and the same whether our objectives with those of our clients. For the authorities is, first of all, residents and business . Need to build a customer- power, but it needs to develop skills in communication , that is to talk to those for whom you work . " If you ask the average citizen , what country we live in , it is possible to hear the opinion that in a super - power. But 90 % of the population live in Russia have been constructed under Nikita Khrushchev housing estates and factories, farms - after multiple resales - in ruins . It is possible that the level of pride in spiritual values ??, then it is, we - super.

But for 20 years in a democracy we rolled in such a hole , it is any longer . Worldwide now valued intelligence, resources and technology. We have everything . But does not work . And will not work until you change the matrix of relations between the state and business to their own country , and through it to the interests of citizens.

It is possible that the new structure will contribute to the output of the country on the path of advanced technologies and generation Vitaly Yeremeev time to restart the economy and will grow old in a comfortable environment developed in Russia.

             Today the agency in Kaluga has two human activity schedule at Eremeeva very tight . After Yaroslavl scheduled trip to Belgrade , at a forum on agricultural activities . In this industry , especially after joining the WTO , brought to the surface a lot of problems and it turned out so few recipes of their decisions. Success of the agency and associates , and most importantly, results !

Victoria Sotskova

RIA "National Alliance" . 

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