Massive failure of candidates to fight for seats in the elections of deputies in the Yaroslavl regio

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 30/08/2013 13:10

Massive failure of candidates to fight for seats in the elections of deputies in the Yaroslavl region .

30.08.2013 election committee held a briefing in the Yaroslavl region. The election race in the Yaroslavl region is entering the home stretch. The head of the electoral commission in the region Denis Vasiliev informed the journalists about the current situation, generous on the curious events and predicted a low voter turnout .

Of 25 districts have been registered 227 single-mandate , of which 220 of the lot and just seven - samovidvizhentsy . " Rejected " 42 candidates , 24 of the 18 parties and samovidvizhentsev . Only four candidates appealed the decisions of the electoral commission , but Themis did not heed their arguments . Another four odnomanditnika themselves abandoned the election voided check for the seven candidates - five from the two parties and samovidvizhentsa . An interesting example of a candidate Paul Fedeicheva . An unfortunate oversight led to inability to participate in the race. The signature sheet states that his place of residence Moscow region, Moscow . Moscow is a city of federal significance and that is how it is written in the registration of a mark in the passport. Mistakes in the signature sheets was a pretext to remove it from the list of candidates for the seats of deputies. And it was initiated by opponents, and not the territorial commission, which the candidate has registered . Removed from the list of five candidates : Andrew decide to ( District 25 , Yaroslavl ), Sergei Ohoven ( District 8 , Yaroslavl ), Oleg Vinogradov ( okrug1 ) , Andrew Minin (" Patriots of Russia ", okrug20 ), Sergei Khabibulin ( Pereslavl , "Fair Russia " ) . Withdrawn from the race for the quality of signatures Vitaly Zykov ( District 25 , LDPR) .

The last week has traditionally escalates the intensity of competition on the complaints of candidates and parties on their opponents . Some turn to the court immediately , bypassing the electoral commission , which is involved in the court for advice. According to Denis Vasiliev , the head of the electoral commission Yaroslavsky , this is a typical story when the latter stages of competitors seeking to implement the very maximum sanction - removal from the election of a candidate. Applicants accuse competitors of copyright truths with agitation and extremist appeals . Similar complaints have been reported to the Electoral Commission and campaign materials do not become subject to litigation.

At 25 districts on party lists were nominated 720 candidates on the list of 20 parties . First Electoral Commission was faced with a massive withdrawal of candidatures : voluntarily withdrew from the fight candidates of five parties in the last week and a half . The " Fair Russia " from the 41 participants of the election race 10 withdrew their nominations , one-third of the list. The " Communist Russia " - nine men , but the list was more than 70 candidates , and this did not affect the outcome of the well-being of the party. From " Civilian Power " four - refuser , from the Communist Party , the Communist Party , the Social Democrats , RDC , " GP " - according to two people , one - from the " Union citizens" , the Liberal Democratic Party , "Green" .

Even if the party takes its candidate from the election , it remains in the list of regional groups in order to vote , and there remains a leader in the list. In some batches of the leader of the list is not, in other - there. This phenomenon explains some of those who came backstage negotiations and opponents , leaving the struggle, clearing the way for another candidate from the opposing party . But maybe get a concession in another county. Others believe that these candidates unfairly bypassed and possibly giving up the fight due to a demarche unfair redistribution of funds for campaigning in the coming party general " pot" .

Let me remind you that the elections in the municipality of Yaroslavl in the past , the distribution of candidates by county from the " SE " and " Communist Party " occurred together, as confirmed by events. This has caused a situation where , for example, in some districts were put on the communists several candidates, and some none, some have been campaigning - the dam , while others - enough to swear . All this cleared the way "opponents , allies " from the " GP " in the municipality . However , while none of the rank and file Communists, who , even suspecting that something was wrong, did not give up the fight , and with honor and with great stress people still brought the matter to an end , bringing the percentage of votes the party . But the residue remained. It is possible that this fact influenced the quality of the list of candidates from the Communist Party in this electoral season.

As the partys name will be displayed in the list - this is a serious question . Some batches of the title will be fully decoded and will take a few lines on the ballot . However , it is surprising that some parties have reduced its name to abbreviations and it does not bother them , "The Communist Party of Social Justice" - the Communist Party , "Union citizens" - SG. Probably , these parties are not interested in clones own record voter sympathy , but rather they are ground puppeteers on the process when you can be uncomfortable opponents, from which they " pinch off " votes , the candidates drag on ships , etc.

Also, some measure of the true purposes of the parties is receiving funds for election account . Record for the funds received is the "Apple" - 10 million rubles. on the account of the party, who spent almost , and 2.5 mln. spent in the region of the head of the party , who is running for the District 6 out of a maximum limit of 3 million rubles . "United Russia " has spent almost all of that was received - 8.7 mln. The " Homeland" came at the expense of - 6 mln. , The " Green " - 5 mln. , In Parnassus - 4 mln. , The Liberal Democratic Party - 3 mln. , The " Patriots " - 3437000 . rub. , the Communist Party - 2,220 million rubles. " Communist Russia " -1,315 mln. The rest have got hold on political advertising in the amount of at least one million rubles , " the Russian Party of Pensioners for Justice" raised at the expense of 115,000 rubles. , The CPSU -39 700 rub. Ran limit of 3 million rubles. Alexander Barbakadze ( okrug14 ) . 10 rubles from Vyacheslav Osipov ( okrug22 ) , the District 24 - Aleshechkin in Eugene , Nikita Kirillov , Glukhova Sergei Lapkina Vladimir Shusharina Catherine Penkova Sergei . We Vladislav Sobolev ( District 7 ) in the account 300 rubles. 500 rubles. - The Aharonov Vladimir ( okrug8 ) and Sergei Peganova ( okrug1 ) . The movement of funds in the accounts observed in 16 games , and four party costs do not lead to agitation . By the way , which is also an indicator of the true intentions : probably do not want to agitate , they decide this race other purposes.

According to Denis Vasiliev , the experience of the electoral commission in priority to the readability of the size of the ballot adopt a number of regions. The head of the electoral commission believes that it is important that voters can exercise their right without a problem, and the rejection of Cohiba in this perspective is justified . Currently , for example, in Yekaterinburg as the elections are held , and there commission is sealed with the text to the size of newsletters that reads without errors Cohiba . However , the Electoral Commission is already swamped with complaints of party representatives that simply unreadable small font for the main voice of the masses of the electorate , and that the voter age .

Observation Denis Vassileva , turnout is expected in these elections is low. He noted that the Electoral Commission does not address the issues of attracting voters to vote , and perform their duties and follows the progress of the election. The task of the candidates to convince the electorate that it is they need them , their goals will help the people and the voters should be concerned if it is to vote for those candidates that will be useful for them .

Invitations to the polls printed and sent out by territorial commissions . In rural areas, where each voter on the enumeration , on the initiative of the territorial commissions may write off the full name of the voter , and the city - it will be a unified treatment. 

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