Yezidis appealed to Vladimir Putin for help

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 10/08/2014 15:37

Yezidis appealed to Vladimir Putin for help 

08.08.2014 held an emergency meeting of the Yaroslavl Regional Public Organization "Yezidis". Diaspora representatives adopted an appeal to the President of Russia. They are outraged by genocide Yezidis and Christians in northern Iraq in an area Shangal. 

Crack down on ethnic and religious minorities militants extremist group "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant." 

Faizo Polatov, YAOOO president, said what is happening in their historic homeland, which now operates a so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, supported by the United States and Saudi Arabia. The purpose of this neoplasm was the overthrow of Syrian President Assad. When this failed, the insurgents are Sunni flooded into northern Iraq, where the center - the city Shangal. This area is mostly populated by Yazidis, as there had fled from the war, Christians and Shiite Muslims. 

03.08.2014g. on Shangal attacked militants. Old men, women and children fled to the mountain of Sinjar. Theres no food or water, they are surrounded by terrorists. There is information that about 200 children in this mountain have died of hunger and thirst. 

In a letter to Vladimir Putin said: "... inhabit Shangal Yazidis have been mass extermination and discrimination against ethnic and religious principles. Force them to impose radical Islam and Dissent - brutally murdered. More than 100 thousand Yezidis are forced to escape to the mountains, where surrounded on all sides by Islamic terrorists, and not having food and water, are doomed in the next few days to certain death. The total number of refugees from the area of the Yezidis of Iraq has already exceeded 250 thousand people. "

Diaspora unanimously voted in favor of an address to the President of Russia, that, with its authority, the possibility of Russian and international public organizations, to help people who find themselves on the verge of extinction. 

Over the last year in Syria and Iraq is actually going destruction of indigenous populations - the Arameans, Assyrians, Alawites, Armenians and Yezidis. "Worldwide, the Yezidis question arises - why the Iraqi army did not protect its citizens, why Kurdish militias who claim to these lands, have not taken steps to save people, why the last month and a half disarmed Yezidis - said Faizo Polatov. - These issues will be continued. The world community was silent about it. Only three days ago, the UN acknowledged that there is a humanitarian catastrophe. "

Meeting diaspora held in Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir. It is assumed that the actions of the rescue co-religionists are synchronized, Yezidis expressed their willingness to bear the cost and responsibility for the refugees as their financial capabilities, in accordance with the law, as well as generate targeted humanitarian aid. 

Representatives of the diaspora understand what is happening in Iraq, the economic process where the main interest in the destabilization of the region - in the United States. Therefore, the Yezidis believe that would be the best, if also be issued an appeal to the President of the United States. In addition, they are willing to hold a meeting at the Embassy in Moscow, as it makes the public worldwide. In this case, the United States, through its media reports that he was preparing a humanitarian mission for the Yezidis, trapped on the mountain, and air strikes on militant groups in the area. 

One does not understand the Yezidis, why this topic does not cover the central Russian mass media, since Russia is interested in stability in the region and it is important, what is happening there, and it makes sense to demonstrate to the world the United States of double standards in the information war. 

Victoria Sotskova 

Russian news agency "National Alliance" 

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