Victor Kostin : Rostov the Great issued a promissory note of confidence.

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Posted on: 27/08/2013 18:03

Victor Kostin : Rostov the Great issued a promissory note of confidence.

27.08.2013 , Konstantin Shevkoplyas , the mayor of Rostov Veliky , talked about the prospects for the development of the city. The press conference was also attended by the Deputy Governor of the Yaroslavl region, Viktor Kostin , Chairman of the patrons of Yaroslav Michael Krupin , Rostov Duma deputy district Anton Corporals .

According to the Deputy Governor Victor Kostin, much is being done to ensure that the most of the ancient city of tourism potential and took its own unique niche. At the exit of the administration council of the Yaroslavl region on the development of domestic and international tourism , held 23.08.2013g . , Discussed the construction of an efficient design using the interests of private business and government in the promotion of the city on the Russian and international tourism markets. Victor Kostin said that today there are scientific approaches and rules that help constructively to solve this problem . It is only necessary to work .

One aspect of the tourism success of the city is its brand. Therefore, a competition for the three components of the brand: the motto , symbol monument and miniature. 20/08/2013 summed up . Authoritative commission in two phases evaluated proposals applicants. On the thumbnail identified two winners . Heraldic symbol of the deer was named as the " Red Deer - a symbol of the great city ." Sculptors from St. Petersburg sculpted character. It is set in Rostov near the train station, on the street. Dostoyevsky , 41 .

According to , Michael Krupin , chairman of the Board of patrons Yaroslavl region , now passing along the federal highway M -8 have the opportunity to take pictures with the symbol of the city. Then , perhaps , is proud to put this image in the social network, which will also serve as a good cause promotion of the information space and attract the attention of new visitors who have no or commemorative souvenir purchases from Rostov did not leave. Next to set up a tourist information center , the infrastructure , the museum " Onion settlement" with the program of entertainment for adults and children.

The second winner on the characters - the bell . It combines the symbolism of convocation, spirituality and music. In the category "Monument" sculpture won Alyosha Popovich , who was born in Rostov Veliky. With the New Year will raise funds for the monument . As the mayor of Rostov, today in two sites - Vladimir Lenin , the founder of the worlds first socialist state and a monument to soldiers who had gone to the front, ie clearly lacks the facilities for tourists.

In the third category won a verbal brand "Rostov - is the spiritual capital of Russia ." Authors - intellectuals . Alexei Gavrilov , head of the Rostov Gymnasium . Kekin believes that the wording - it is a serious bid for the title of the city, which preserves the different traditions . Moreover , the choice of the brand was considered the voice of the public. Victor Kostin named brand of the instrument , according to the citizens and residents of the municipal district , now that all their activities will have to comply with this motivation , it affects the quality of their work behavior.

Rostov Duma deputy district Anton Corporals said that the decision on the choice of the brand was taken over questioning , he said more than three thousand questionnaires were studied . "You could say that this is the peoples brand , - the corporal. - The task of the authorities to pull people to understand the significance of this brand . "

The mayor of Rostov convinced that the city does not have to prove anything in the outside world space , the brand for the residents themselves , it is designed to enhance awareness, to bring together local communities and authorities . Power without the help of the people can not do anything to change for the better. " It is important that the content of our brand matched the ancient city - says Konstantin Shevkoplyas ."

At present under discussion to postpone the Day of Rostov in June , which is more convenient to the weather conditions for citizens. Actively began to develop the theme of " Rostov fabulous ."

Michael Krupin said that there were three of the product, the pride of the citizens - chicory, sort of " Rostov bow ", in which urban women braided " onion braids " and porechesky peas, which are in no way inferior to other, more - popular brand of Swiss chocolate , Hungarian sausage , etc . etc. Tourism in contrast to industry provides a quick return on investment , it takes people , brings money into the coffers of Rostov . Once upon a time in the Soviet era has arrived in Rostov over half a million tourists , and now only 200,000 . So that for the development of a handicap : will be sold Rostov onions, Rostov enamel , products " Atrus and so on, which will help to stabilize the agricultural business, and in the promotion of the Rostov products to domestic and foreign markets.

In the near future , according to Shevkoplyas , Rostov come into the public organization "Association of Byzantine cities," which includes 30 Italian cities . And growth will become a member of the association. to show the world the revival of Rostov in a different historical incarnation . This is also important in the positioning of the tourism environment .

Concerted action by the city will lead to a different level , and the means to return to the treasury is in the form of solutions to social and cultural problems of the citizens. If all the world and speak with one voice , the result will be , according to the mayor of Rostov. The deputy governor said that when the mayor comes up with ideas, set up to promote the city , groups like-minded people , it is always such a format operation will support . 

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