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Editorial material 06/06/2014 XII Civil Forum held in Yaroslavl region

Posted on: 09/06/2014 10:08

The forum was held under the motto "Civic participation as a basis of development of the region." Worked seven sections. In the second day of the forum participants were organized tours in a number of public organizations on four routes.

Editorial material Migrants in Russia . What to do?

Posted on: 26/10/2013 13:57

Migrants in Russia with their presence creates a lot of problems . What to do and how to be in this case - a lot of variations . What he thinks about it a professional with many years of study of this particular issue Elena S. Smirnov , international lawyer , PhD .

Editorial material Private initiative Sergei Dybov , a French citizen, a former Soviet citizen.

Posted on: 30/09/2013 19:34

The collapse of the Soviet Union , as an ice rink paced the fate of many of my peers : someone has disappeared in the drama of life , someone passed a difficult way , could take place in the profession, a family, to resist the tsunami of change. Today, the story of his subjects in France Serge Dybov remaining in the soul of Soviet man .

Editorial material Denis Vasiliev , the head of the electoral commission YAO seven parties in the regional Duma , and n

Posted on: 11/09/2013 15:22

10.09.2013 Denis Vasilyev , head of the election commission of the Yaroslavl region , told reporters on the preliminary results of the elections. Voter turnout was higher than expected . In the Yaroslavl Oblast Duma will be presented seven parties , which is not in any elected body of the country. Could not get into the legislative power of the region independents .

Editorial material The newspaper as a regulator of social stability

Posted on: 28/07/2013 16:23

Look at this booth at the Press House in the center of Yaroslavl. The paper under glass. Each new issue once carefully hung out on the wall. For young people, now it is incomprehensible form of dissemination of information.