Migrants in Russia . What to do?

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Posted on: 26/10/2013 13:57

Migrants in Russia . What to do?

Migrants in Russia with their presence creates a lot of problems . What to do and how to be in this case - a lot of variations . What he thinks about it a professional with many years of study of this particular issue Elena S. Smirnov , international lawyer , PhD . She is the author of several scientific papers , participated in the 2000 to 2001 the State Duma of the Federation Council in the development of federal law "On Citizenship of the Russian Federation " and "On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation." We will talk about the Russian and foreign citizenship , aliens , migration to Russia , as well as general trends in legislation in this area.

- How do you assess the current legislation on citizenship and related issues ? The law is there, but it seems that its effectiveness is insufficient.

- The question addresses the issue of the future of Russia . The answer is : writing the law in the modern world is extremely complex task. As in the human body is interconnected , and there is uncontrolled cell of the body, and in the community . Touching one of the aspects of human rights ( and the power of the laws , which I have been doing it from this angle ) , certainly overlaps with other laws. Granting any right , we thus interfere in another area of ??application of the law. It happens that the accepted laws obviously immature , but they subsequently canceled by the courts , this is expended time and money. This has happened with the citizenship laws , but not federal , and national level .

     Operating in the country the law "On Citizenship" was developed for a long time , caused great controversy at the stage of acceptance. But it has proved its effectiveness. The law meets all international standards, it is liberal , but at the same time provides good protective function . It meets the requirements of this period of history, which is going through Russia . The complexity of its causes are often arbitrary interpretation and application in the field. Therefore, his interpretation of the federal law on the ground, it is impossible. The migration situation in the country is being almost a state of emergency , due to many factors. And the difficulties that are associated with a large number of foreigners in Russia (more than 12 million . ) Are not associated with inadequate legal regulation .

- As seen solution to the issue of migrants? Can I do Russians today without them? In addition, most of them seeking to obtain Russian citizenship.

- The issue of migration, especially illegal , is not confined to a definite answer. First , imagine the state border , which is guarded by colleagues from CIS countries ( I say that because she worked for more than 10 years at the border ) . It has been 20 years since then , as the issue arose at all . The young states of the Commonwealth have too many concerns : war , destruction of the economy , and the flight of Russian-speaking population , the difficulty with a complete set of national personnel , and so on . In such circumstances , the deficit of the state budget to equip the border, which requires a lot of money.

Now it seems like a paradox , but there were seven years ago, foreign , or rather international, western organizations willing to invest in setting up the Russian-Kazakh border. Today, part of the CIS borders on the south financed by foreign entities from the U.S. budget . Qualitatively, whether they are guarding the border, which targets at the same pose? Think about it ...

So, figuratively speaking, there is not the appropriate solution of the issue of migration , border within the CIS. This is the main obstacle to resolve problems of illegal migration . The second reason is the natural right of people to look for the best. A number of countries in Central Asia has an extremely low standard of living of the population goes without believing in a just solution of social problems in the state . Russia - its near neighbor and tested . We are doomed to a joint survival. Their problem - its our problem . Otherwise not expected in the foreseeable future.

Consequently , migrants - thats a given Russia . The issue ? First - to work with the countries from which migrants travel . For example , the United States at the time have done a lot on the other side of the border with Mexico : built factories , helping to create the infrastructure for the population. It is only later they built a wall , which is not a solution.

So in the future - Russia sees the actual work with the neighbors in the near abroad . Its not just the financial investment, but also much more. Do not create artificial, not peculiar to traditional occupations , industries . Need to use has already been developed over the years ways of interaction in the economic sphere. Secondly, account must be taken of all the statistics on migrants in Russia . Only the coordinated work of all ministries and departments can lead to positive results. Need monitor the implementation of all commitments by all parties.

Citizenship of Russian immigrants , of course, seek to obtain , as it would create savings of money and protect them from illegal actions by the authorities . But the procedure is long . Not every migrant is able to prove in court the right to citizenship of Russia . Often, people go a roundabout , unlawful means. Many women tend to give birth to children in Russia , it is also a solution, so it will be easier in the future. Humanism - is the norm that every State has the duty to comply .

The third solution is seen "migration amnesty ," as is done in the United States and Europe. But will it be for the good of Russia ? It is difficult to respond positively. The borders are open or half open . Hence this barrel Danaides never complete , the law will in itself, but the people - individually. In any case, requires a careful analysis of all activities for all 20 years . Migration strategy is developed great difficulty.

- What do you think about the citizenship of the Union State of Belarus and Russia ? And it represents ?

- Citizenship of the Union State is practically the same legal counterpart, which is implemented in the European Union . But there is a realization of " the project " and laid the money , and the best minds of the intellectual capital of Europe. In fact , " European citizenship " - this is a great ideology , but there are some rules that you can use - the right to participate in the general election ( communitarian ), EU institutions (Parliament ), freedom of movement, which is periodically restricted , freedom of employment and some other positive point.

The Constitution of the Union State of Belarus and Russia also contained the same rights, but they do not promote, they are not legally developed . About to amend the legislation in the spirit of these international agreements , while the question. Even wrote the Constitutional Act of the Union State , but he remained in draft form . Although voting rights for resident Belarusian citizens at the local level has been practiced in some areas of Russia .

As for the factor of ideology , then , unfortunately, the young people of Belarus in the last 10 years - prefers not to leave for work in Russia . Just like the Russian - the West and the United States. Advertisement "union building" is one-sided - in Belarus. We, in Russia , something like that implemented in the beginning of last year. Lets hope that the initiative of the media kalkiruetsya on the natural disposition and there is no alternative Slavic unity of the two peoples. Thus, the " Union citizenship " - a great ideological project , the implementation of which would like to see many citizens of Russia and Belarus.

- Obtaining citizenship - unilateral action . Is it possible that in the history of our country the situation when visiting migrants in Germany drank France, just will not have the need to obtain the nationality of the host country ? This is understandable : to serve in the army is not necessary, the payment of taxes can wait .

- In Europe, there is a trend . Rather earlier, in a quiet period , it was more typical of some immigrant communities that have experienced a special " sense of unity of the motherland ." But this situation is abnormal , temporary . Why ? In the event of an emergency such as the " color revolutions " in the Middle East , the police and immigration authorities of the EU countries are beginning to "hard sweep " of all the visitors that do not satisfy the requirements of the law. The first to be deported from the country by those who justify their presence in an EU country can not . Second, every family workers raising children who are difficult to raise in the absence of full citizenship ( or hiding from migration services ) against the prosperous youth - EU citizens - be they even come from African or Asian countries. Profitable - legal life of any of the legally relevant statuses. In addition , the solidarity of ethnic diasporas in Europe is strong. Mutual aid is also in the agreed on many issues , including migration . To some extent, the future of consolidation : the authorities and the public, workers and their homeland.

    Foreign service in the armed forces of the host State is not legally provided, both in Russia and in the countries of the European Union. But there are other ways to prove themselves loyal citizen of the future . In France - its Legion marched through the father of ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy . In the U.S. immigration policy also has a pragmatic approach : to serve as a foreigner under the contract , and it would be good to take part in the fighting against the country of his former nationality. The fact that there has been migration issues a large number of special services, is enough high-quality screening dissidents.

     In Russia, the situation is different. Traditionally, we are used to the hard decision of similar problems. So far, the deciding factor is the economic benefit resulting from the lack of rights of migrants. But, as usual, in philosophy ( logic) , the quantitative factor can go to quality . What, then, will take the public authorities ? Leave your answer in the hypothetical dark. Too many situations in Russia for its great history , which can be attributed to the extreme. I would like to peace and prosperity for all of us - and the local population and visitors.

- What do you think when you see how many on the streets of big cities newcomers ?

- It is objectively caused , because not willingly fathers of families , and their sons, they travel to a foreign country . No, lived among these people without malogo20 years , having served with them in the armed forces of the most difficult periods of our common history , I look at all pragmatic. During the past wars and civil confusion Russian people to find good reception in the Caucasus or Central Asia. No one was hurt. These newcomers , the bulk kind and hardworking. They are able to do other , more worthy of their work. First of all - they are people with their human dignity , not with their worst traditions. The history of Russia is woven all of this interaction : Europe and Asia. Great Pushkin, Karamzin great - who else would be better sung History of the Russian State , or gave the world masterpieces of poetry ? To date, I want to say : peremeletsya - the flour will . And then there will be a pita bread or Borodino . The main thing is that in the next " Borodino" we were on the same side. The people - hes smarter than the politicians , and citizenship in todays " globalized " world, unfortunately , is not as important as the quality of valuable natural humanity. 

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