06/06/2014 XII Civil Forum held in Yaroslavl region

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 09/06/2014 10:08

06/06/2014 XII Civil Forum held in Yaroslavl region

The forum was held under the motto "Civic participation as a basis of development of the region." Worked seven sections. In the second day of the forum participants were organized tours in a number of public organizations on four routes.

Organizers of the event: Public Chamber of the Yaroslavl region, D & D "Social Partnership" and the public relations department of the Yaroslavl region.

At the plenary session were: regional governor Sergei Hawks, Deputy Governor Alexander Gribov, Iosif Diskin, chairman of the Public Chamber of Russia on the development of civil society and the interaction with the Public Chamber of the RF subjects, Elena Topoleva-Soldunova, chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Labor, chairman of the Public Chamber RF on social policy, labor relations and quality of life of citizens, Herman Winds zamdiretkora Innovation Development Department of Economic Development Minister, Elena Isayev, Chairman of D & D "Center for Social Partnership", Deputy Chairman of the Public Chamber of nuclear weapons.

Then went public figures to discuss the following sections: "Public control", "Support community initiatives", "Development of philanthropy in the Yaroslavl region," "Public involvement and engagement of issues in the housing sector," "Public Council on independent evaluation of the quality of social services," "Role Public Chamber in the development of the region: the forms and methods of work. " Interethnic peace and meaning to the world of the Russian nation vnutrigrazhdanskogo discussed in the section "civic identity and strengthening the spiritual unity of the Russian nation." Moderator of Irina Grigorieva, the chief of department on work with ethno-cultural associations of the public relations department of nuclear weapons. Experts: Igor Bubble, deputy chairman of the Board of OOO "Assembly of the Peoples of Russia", Chairman of the ethno-cultural development of the Russian people, Alexander Timchenko, the governors adviser on national issues of nuclear weapons, Sergey Baburkin, Commissioner for Human Rights. Then joined the discussion briefly Deputy Governor Alexander Gribov. Experts talk with the audience ensued emotional act had not all. Was prepared by a resolution containing recommendations to the governmental and local authorities, the media, and separately - for civil society in the region.

How will the situation on the formation of national identity in fact - we learn in practice. One thing is clear: the state originated request patriotism and civil peace. It tries to public institutions influence this process to avoid problems.

The question is, who will perform the functions of agitation and propaganda of civic unity, with what means, in each region in its own way and at their own expense, or this is the responsibility of the federal government?

Victoria Sotskova

RIA "National Alliance"

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