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Editorial material Russian hockey team won

Posted on: 08/02/2019 14:19

07.02.2019 The rendered match took place as part of the Euro Hockey Tour stage between the national teams of Russia and Finland in Yaroslavl, which ended in victory for the Russian team.

Editorial material Bridge across the ocean

Posted on: 05/03/2014 08:42

05.03.2014 in Yaroslavl public organization " Russian - American Association " the presentation of the catalog " Bridge over the ocean."

The current situation in Ukraine : new old course

Posted on: 26/02/2014 18:45

26.02.2014g . hosted video bridge "Moscow- Kiev: The current situation in Ukraine : new old course ."

Editorial material Рress Conference of the President RF. I would like to change

Posted on: 25/12/2013 09:21

19.12.13.sostoyalas press conference Russian President Vladimir Putin .

Editorial material The G20 summit

Posted on: 09/09/2013 12:13

5-6 September 2013 in St. Petersburg , a meeting of Heads of State and Government of the " Group of Twenty "

Editorial material Bright colors microcosm podglyadel Stanislav Yablokov

Posted on: 02/09/2013 08:52

The building YarSU them. Demidov, that the Red Square Yaroslavl, on the third floor on the walls of the university right in the corridor hung with amazing photo - types of microcosm by Stanislav Yablokov.

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