Рress Conference of the President RF. I would like to change

Author of publication: RIA "National Alliance"

Posted on: 25/12/2013 09:21

Рress Conference of the President RF. I would like to change

19.12.13.sostoyalas press conference Russian President Vladimir Putin .

At a press conference was attended by journalists ask questions of the many cities in Russia and abroad . Many have not attended for the first time at this event . Organizers did well . However , viewers who saw the live broadcast , consider that this was not exactly set the questions that interest society today . And on the sidelines of disappointment came through quality questions asked. Some journalists were engaged in lobbying their publications . Blatant self-promotion . Some questions are not answered scale position of Speaker .

The bulk of the issues dealt with politics. Meanwhile, in a society long overdue discontent over economic and social development of the state parameters of the system ( there is no state social standard , many do not agree with pensions in points , with the situation in education and medicine , it is not clear what happened to the reform of the Interior Ministry, as to protect the interests of compatriots outside Russia , why are so many resources went into "defense" and so little on health care , etc.).

Perhaps that needs to streamline Asked Questions - can send them in advance so that you can see the range of interests , to cut those publications which advertised their journalists or the media itself. Because the press conference - it is not a public reception complainants , and journalists - not walkers from the regions .

Attention should be given to the head of the countrys systemic problems , defending the interests of society on truthful information from the guarantor of their constitutional rights .

RIA "National Alliance"

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