Bright colors microcosm podglyadel Stanislav Yablokov

Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 02/09/2013 08:52

Bright colors microcosm podglyadel Stanislav Yablokov

The building YarSU them. Demidov, that the Red Square Yaroslavl, on the third floor on the walls of the university right in the corridor hung with amazing photo - types of microcosm by Stanislav Yablokov.

Its amazing that surrounds us is perfect and amazing microcosm. But this can only be seen at high magnification: peel onions in a 100% increase is very different from the larger picture of 1000. A persimmon peel plus a multiple of 1000 is similar to stained glass designs. The starch in potatoes at 1,000% increase in the blue looks like a futuristic landscape, and the blood staining with azure-eosin by Romanovsky - like fabric in purple polka dots.

A surprising number, just want to see it! 

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