Ogurtsova veteran regiment "Normandie -Niemen " Gold medal "Renaissance Francaise"

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Posted on: 10/12/2013 14:13

Interethnic relations in the region Yaroslavl Assembly of the Peoples of Russia " outlined the current topicOgurtsova veteran regiment "Normandie -Niemen " Gold medal "Renaissance Francaise"

12/10/13 . History Museum in the city of Yaroslavl ceremony awarding the Gold Medal "Renaissance Francaise" Valentin Ivanovich Ogurtsova veteran regiment Normandie-Niemen , Chevalier of the Order of the Legion of Honor .

Just two months managed to learn cucumbers in the 10th grade . In November 1943 he was sent to the service of the French aircraft mechanic Aviation Fighter Regiment "Normandie -Niemen ". Depended on professionalism mechanics repair cars and life of the pilot. Valentin served in the 2nd Regiment Squadron , responsible for the technical state of the Yak -9T and Yak -3 . With regiment liberated Smolensk region , Belarus and Lithuania , Nazi thugs in East Prussia and K?nigsberg . After Victory Valentin Ivanovich was transferred to the 18th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment, in which he served until April 1951 in the Far East . Then he returned to his native land . He studied at Ivanovo Medical Institute , worked as a district doctor in the Kostroma region . He worked as chief physician at the Clinical Hospital № 1 , which now houses the Museum of the city, then moved to the Regional obstetric hospital gynecology department head . VI Cucumber has military awards of the USSR , a country marked for conscientious professional work in peacetime.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of local and regional authorities , the public, the museum and medical communities , veterans organizations , the guys from school number 42 in-depth study of the French language , and guests from the French Embassy in the Russian Federation, representatives of the media , friends and acquaintances .

A story about the events of the heroic past was started with a 10 -minute film "Fraternal wings" , a story about the history of fighter regiment "Normandie -Niemen ".

- It is an honor and a joy to be with you today near , - said at the opening ceremony Ki Nyutans , military attache of the French Embassy in the Russian Federation. - More than 70 years ago, the world was embroiled in World War II and the victory of Stalingrad was the turning point . Began liberating territories . Volunteers from France arrived in the Soviet Union created a squadron "Normandie" . This part will be the fate of the tragic and glorious . They incur high banner of our two countries and contribute to the victory over Nazism . We have in front of them , not only the duty of memory . to celebrate their bravery and sacrifice , but also inspired by their example in everyday life. Thats why it wisely and justly today to pay tribute to , people like Valentin cucumbers.

The representatives of France gave warm greetings from the squadron commander . According to him , rewarding veteran regiment medal " Renaissance Francaise" symbolizes brotherhood in arms and unbreakable friendship between the peoples of Russia and France. In recognition of a gift from the commander handed French Regiment - An image with a picture of the modern French fighter "Rafale " consisting armed regiment.

Zoya Arrinon , president of the Russian delegation Renaissance Fran?aise, emphasized how important contacts between the two countries as a significant event - rewarding Yaroslavl veteran high reward . I must say that Gold Medal "Renaissance Francaise" awarded in the very rare cases in France and abroad. Designed public award for distinguished and especially deserving personalities. Our veteran countryman Valentin Cucumbers such a person .

Arrinon spoke about the organizations mission , its history, present day . Four ministries oversee the organization of the French Republic - foreign affairs, defense , internal affairs and education, which shows the importance of the state for the status of public activity " Renesssans Francaise ." She thanked everyone who helped her organize an outstanding event in the cultural life and patriotic Yaroslavl. Assist in the creation of "bridges" of friendship between the two countries for Zoe Arrinon pleasant task , because she was born in Yaroslavl, and social activities - this contribution to the friendship between the two countries for her family .

Years pass , but the glory of heroes does not fade , they have another watch - give an example to follow contemporaries. Military attach? attached to the lapel of award Valentin Ivanovich around clicked cameras , reporters surrounded on all sides by veteran catching his hushed words into microphones . He remembered the pilot Yves Mourier , with whom he worked . He fell ill and went . Another pilot, George Henry, was mortally wounded and died April 12, 45 , was very smart, with the first flight shot down the plane , and the second Sorties German ace ( aerobatic pilot ) on account of which was 174 aircraft.

- We spoke through an interpreter. Working in extreme conditions - remember Valentin Ivanovich.Ya - mechanics learned his plane by the sound of the engine, proud of the success of the pilot.

Schoolchildren sang the hymn of France. Heartfelt lines of the poem "In Memory of pilots Regiment " Normandie -Niemen " Vladimir Moiseyev read student Yaroslavl State Theatre Institute Ivan Pihtin . Remember those who never came back : " ... Stay in the blue skies in an embrace with the power of the Yak- ovlevyh wings ... ".

In the exposition hall "Famous Neighbors " Exhibition " Combat Brotherhood ", dedicated to the regiment "Normandie -Niemen ". You can see photos and publications ( including book " Normandie-Niemen " Sergei Dybov ) about fighting way Regiment , personal documents and awards VI Ogurtsova of his family archives . Now in the history of the museum " registered" Memory Area Regiment "Normandie -Niemen ".

The exhibitions curator , S.V.Kuznetsov , tried to blend in with the urban fabric of the history of this international episode of the Great Patriotic War .

Congratulations to a wonderful man , a veteran , Dr. Valentin Ivanovich Ogurtsova -deserved award! Thanks to the organizers and initiators of the grand event , which has become part of the history of Yaroslavl.

The memory of the Great Patriotic War , respect for the participants of those events - this is what will forever be in the genes of every Russian , everyone who was born in the USSR.

Victoria Sotskova ,

RIA "National Alliance" 

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Konstantinov Efremovich Gregory , MP of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. 

Interethnic relations in the region Yaroslavl Assembly of the Peoples of Russia " outlined the current topic

Ivan Smirnov , Yaroslavl soldier - poet . Will always remember .

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