A series of "Witness": Russian of Artemovska.

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Posted on: 27/08/2014 10:01

A series of "Witness": Russian of Artemovska. 

In Russian refugees arrive. Who are these people, what sort of world war through their eyes, where truth and propaganda? We are trying to understand themselves. 

In the era of information warfare trust the source of information - part of the political, economic and social stability. Currently, the limit of confidence in the media is on the brink. Information, sometimes replaced by propaganda in the format ordered the owner of the source. Therefore, only the facts from witnesses geopolitical redistribution are criteria for assessing the degree of veracity. 

In Yaroslavl, home to many immigrants from Ukraine are ethnic Ukrainians and Russian. Many relatives and friends there, as a legacy of the Soviet Union - a lot of mixed marriages, a number of entrepreneurs built business contacts. Although there is a view that Western Ukrainians and those who live in the south, and there arose due to the violent imposition of the Western world - it is almost strangers to each other citizens, but by the blood - yet the brothers. 

What they are doing now Ukrainian oligarchs with American advisers on Ukrainian citizens, called the cut to the quick. They intentionally vented people, using as a pretext the nationality and faith. 

That is what is now the Islamic terrorists in the Middle East. As the saying goes, ones handwriting, one ... customer. 

Now come the Yaroslavl region Russian fleeing bombings and retaliatory actions, actions of the Ukrainian army and the Nazis. Many of them have already found a job, do not think to go back. There are those who do not want to lose their motherland and receive refugee status, some of them are Ukrainian and Russian, who do not want to be mobilized in the National Guard. As a rule, they are going to, having waited the hard times, come back. 

 As these people are integrated into our lives? On this and many other had a conversation with two Russian families from Artemovska spontaneously caught up in Yaroslavl. These are ordinary people: lived, worked, had children, made plans. At one point they had to make a choice. 

 Now Artemivsk captured punishers. The town is 40 km away from the suffering Sloviansk in DNI. When bombed neighbors, on the outskirts of the city, all trembling from explosions. Population before the war was about one hundred thousand, many healthy companies, among them well-known in Russia, for example, "Artyomsol." A referendum on the autonomy of the region within the Ukraine people went on holiday, from 7 am occupied turn to vote for the right to determine how to live in autonomy and for the right to speak in Russian. The free expression of the will had to pay for the blood of civilians and social chaos, deep disappointment, fear for his life. 

Humanitarian corridor from Artemovska opened for a few days, but, as is often the Ukrainian army did not observe a truce, the decision to go away, many took one day.

- Thoughts were to leave for a long time and mentally we were ready, but there is no place and no matter what. My friend Elena, a refugee with her three children, gave the coordinates of Sergei Ivanovich Halina. Once talked on Skype with him to understand the address on which to travel. Second time to confirm the exit - says Maxim. - Once opened a humanitarian corridor, we ventured out. We were joined by family godfather Peter and has two children. Sergei Ivanovich was a man of words went everywhere with us and helped arrange all the papers that we were in the country without violating the laws, could work. We now have the status of "temporary arrivals" 

I must say that Sergei Halina, Yaroslavl yurt Ataman Cossack society, of five children. Once he came from Kazakhstan and was well aware of the problems of life in the national republics, was familiar with the complexities of the move. Therefore taken to heart trouble compatriots. He gave the National housing. This wooden house, there accommodate 4 adults and 5 children, of which two will soon need to address the issue with the school, and two doshkolyata and Baby. 

 - The pro-Western propaganda gives the idea that going to Russia from the war and marginalized lumpen. In fact, this is complete nonsense and shameless lies, - says Sergey Hulin, Yaroslavl yurt Ataman Cossack society. - They are young guys, family-oriented, they have kids, they sober and industrious. Ive been in construction for many years, and some of the things learned from Maxim and Peter. I must say that the people here in Yaroslavl, good. And do not imagine that such a response would be: someone bought 9 mattresses, 9 pillows, some blankets and linens, diapers, detergents. Many have responded to help, they can. Now guys work, the employer pays them fairly. They trusted me, a stranger to them man, and came. To some extent, I feel responsible for them. 

 - We stayed in Artemovsk mothers and grandmothers. We will deal with them on Skype. Now in the Ukrainian army. They say that people disappear constantly, looking for volunteers and those who helped them. Then people disappear without a trace, and on the outskirts of the city are the corpses, some with their bellies ripped open. In the Ukrainian army - American hospitals, say that someone gets there, even with minor injuries, it is also not refundable, - says Irina, his wife Maxima. - If we talk about the referendum, the rumors that he was not - a complete lie. We could skip the presidential election, as it was predictable, but the referendum were all - even barely go forth and grandparents. We were well taken in Yaroslavl. Helping people. Dali in the administration area Krasnoperekopsky financial assistance - to 2 thousand. Rubles. on the child. It is an aid to us very much. Recently, children Sasha (4 years) and Alesha (8 years) had a holiday for Sergei Ivanovich - total birthday, or rather, Angels day, holiday. We do not want to remain widows with small children. Therefore left. 

 - We have many incomprehensible. There were explosions in the military unit. Everyone knew that there is no long arms and soldiers - to recount. We took it as a campaign of intimidation. Night somehow one day robbed jewelry stores. They said that their owner became the National Guard to help more than a militia. Whos militias, we did not really know, everything happens at night. Vandalism to the monuments are not allowed in the city are monuments and Lenin, and Artem - says Peter. - Administration in Artemovsk work all institutions too. Food brought from Slavic, Donetsk. We Mayor of politically flexible, otherwise there would sit in 23 at his post. By the way, during the referendum, he went out of town. The problem is that those who live in the Western Ukraine, completely misinformed. They do not show the Russian TV, is openly anti-Russian, anti-Russian propaganda. They say that the Russian army bombed the south of Ukraine. 

 There is much to talk about whats going on, why some men are fighting in the militia of New Russia, and others leave. Wonder how would do in this situation before you start to judge someone? Reply conscience is not easy, huh? Here hes just it ... 

Often appear on the Internet in blogs texts about immigrants. Many felt customized spirit. It is no accident, but in order that Screwtape would have in Russia the situation to push people on a social level. And their, Ukrainian citizens, intimidate. On one of the Ukrainian site gives instructions on how to deal with the residents of the DNI and the LC, who had fled to other regions of Ukraine: they should be almost to the concentration camp to send, they have to prove their loyalty to Kiev, zabrivat the army. 

 And yet, perhaps, the stone is already in our garden: why not rallies, pickets and actions, wherever the public expressed its attitude on sanctions, humanitarian aid, etc., ie policy of the President of the Russian Federation is on this issue? After all, most of us, life has changed dramatically because of the drama with the split in the Ukraine. Who knows how many years the consequences of this human tragedy will halloo to one another on our destiny, the future of children. 

By the way, recently noted 700th anniversary Tolga convent. His prioress, Mother Varvara, born near Chernigov. In construction work to this day in her convent Ukrainian construction crews are working, say from zapadentsev. Heres a internationalism. And there are many examples where the shadow of the 1000-year old city live in the Orthodox world, people of different nationalities and faith. 

We will try to continue to talk about how ordinary people perceived shameful war of the rich Ukrainian with his people. 

Victoria Sotskova 

From the Editor: Never too late to start doing good deeds and helping those who are in a difficult situation. Its enough to have a sympathetic heart. Feel that you are ready to penetrate the opponents problem? Seek, and we orient where to direct this energy for good. 

Russian news agency "National Alliance" 

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