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Editorial material Alexander Smirnov , JSC "Institute" Stroiproekt ": to listen to the expert

Posted on: 22/09/2013 10:38

What kind of relationship are arranged between the employer and the employee , often depends on the well-being not only an individual business, but it affects the landscape of social peace in the country. What happens behind closed doors of private owners , if applicable today in the business concept of rational morality in relation to those who by their labor - physical or mental - promotes capital appreciation . On this and many other things will tell the project "Social Audit" .

Editorial material Discern the country: the pearl of Kostroma - Ipatiev Monastery

Posted on: 27/08/2013 21:55

Get together with friends on the tour - there are so many interesting places. You will see how wonderful homeland. Do not wait for another time, if there is such a rush. Because circumstances can not change your benefit.

Editorial material advertisement A trap for the thief.

Posted on: 30/04/2013 12:01

The St.Petersburg company successfully "tag" thieves, making chemical traps for different taste. Fishing take place on a "bait." This is the feature of national "quiet" hunting for criminals..