Oleg Otrozhko - allegory and realism

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Oleg Otrozhko - allegory and realism

April 13 marks 75 years 2014goda Yaroslavl artist Oleg Pavlovich Otrozhko . April 24 will be held on the anniversary exhibition of the artist and his disciples.

Eighteen months ago, came across Card "Feast of Accord and Reconciliation " : for the dinner table with a variety of fruit and a bottle of champagne "Abrau- Durso" sits mother company of wolves and sheep rams . Predators and herbivores muzzle radiate prosperity. But it is worth look down below and out of the hands tablecloth peeking in oscherennye grin wolves dogladyvayuschie sheep. The painting is dated 1999 -2007 years. Allegory of different sharpness citizenship and philosophical view of the author, touches the very heart of concern for today.

Author with nontrivial outlook on life - it Yaroslavl artist Oleg Pavlovich Otrozhko . After lengthy negotiations, met in a workshop on the 13th floor . About the painting " Celebration of Accord and Reconciliation " he told a show episode. Several years ago, a picture taken on the anniversary exhibition Yaroslavl organization " Union of Artists of Russia ", which was held at the Central House of Artists in Moscow . Otrozhko invited to the vernissage friends: among them the CEO of the publishing house " Airis-press " Igor Rodionov, deputy chairman " ROSAVTOBANK " Alexander Kulakov Alexander Savitchev and others. They go to a representative group , climb the stairs to the exhibition hall , and meet them endure allegory , and upside down .... That such censorship has been arranged by the organizers of the exhibition.

It turned out that for all the rhetoric of artistic freedom in a democratic world, even allegory unbearable when it carries the truth. A Otrozhko writes glamor and creates what is needed shower. It is now, alas , is not convertible into specie occupation.

In the artist reigns real artistic mess in which he clearly focused . There breathes hospitality. In the studio around - finished and started painting , sketches on cardboard, piles of books , pictures of family and friends , skins hunting trophies . Probably, this environment should be an artist to call it desire tvorit.Mnogie representatives of creative audience gathered there and going to gatherings poets , artists, our colleagues , just interesting people and vibrant personality. They even birthday artist come uninvited as closest friends and get real creative evening. Hes in constant contact with friends.

Summer artist went to a small village Rai Danilov district and lost there for many months , it is not nostalgic for urbanistic streetscape . They painted farmhouse and Russian stove in it, next to the bathhouse for a laugh is a carved sculpture . Go to the nearest store is not less than six or seven kilometers. Outdoors Oleg Pavlovich overseeing the life in time , fishing and hunting . Accustomed to hunting and grandson of Yaroslav. " He was my very reliable friend " - as he described the guy . Two daughters went on creative footsteps of his father - Oksana artist Orin - the artist- designer .

Village during temporary seclusion gives a charge of emotion , born wonderful pictures appear Russian landscapes, hundreds of sketches and sketches , sketches from nature , still life , figures of animals and birds . As a true hunter he catches of prose wonderful moments of the day , which gives us all. This Oleg Pavlovich master .

I think he still did not fully understand how important it allegory. Each of them - is an element of patriotic attitude to country : for example, "White dove on the blood -drenched earth ", " Medics Without Borders ", " Time of Troubles ", " Children as fingers sorry that lies ahead " and others. Allegory of " Black Crow on my land," inspired by one of the brightest and boldest poets of his time on Irina Barinov poem "The Raven ." Undoubtedly, the allegory Otrozhko go down in history as a civil iconic monument dashing our time. It so happened that all his ancestors faithfully , not sparing the stomach , to serve his country . So does Otrozhko creating allegories , because in this money did not earn, but the recoil forces and requires a lot of finance . Differently their creativity Oleg Pavlovich does not think.

Now the work of another , very tragic in the sense of " Rosseyane ( from the word" scattered ") going ." Work in progress is a thrill : Russian men lie side by side , with tags attached rooms to large toes , or sleeping , or dead ... Some creative people have a prophetic spirit. In allegories Otrozhko seen this prophecy . He sees the invisible " shudder " Homeland, human suffering and joy , gives the viewer what is sublimated in his imagination.

Many know him as a fertile animal painter . Our brothers he obtained less bright and distinctive, and colleagues rightly consider his work in this area one of the best . Many childrens books of the Soviet era could see his illustrations from the animal world . But gone era of social creativity for children was channelized . Now on the market literature reign foreign characters , there is not a place is not what the image of animals - rabbits and squirrels , often the human face of normal children do not see . More pictures in books with monsters , freaks , that generates a childs heart aggression and callousness . Then , as a consequence of this policy arise shameful human situation , as happened with the murder of a giraffe Marius .

For creative intelligentsia came hard times . Who entree into power or keeps pace with computer technology , he is on the horse . The remaining crumbs pick , because the true connoisseurs of art is not so much , often poor people . A new rich are not different artistic taste and are often vparivayut blatant hack . But it is quite another matter ...

     In this welter of bourgeois system Oleg Pavlovich did not get lost , but retained his style . Moreover , probably due to historical changes and appeared in the works towards allegory.

  In the biography of Oleg Pavlovich as a mirror display the Russian era all the range ups and shocks. He was born in a village in the Kuban Kalnibolotskaya riverside Eu. Was the last , thirteenth , child. In the paternal line in his family glorious warriors Cossacks in maternal - natives of Prussia. Interesting to obtain a genetic mix! I must say that he is very proud of its brave Cossack ancestors. His grandfather, Michael L. , served as a bodyguard of Emperor Nicholas II until 1914 . Save this photo out of Nicholas II and Tsarevich Alexei of Kazan Cathedral during the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov House , where on a horse with his sword unsheathed in the protection of the artists grandfather . Pavel Mikhailovich, father fought in the Turkish campaign under General Sorokin Yudenich . Since childhood Oleg Pavlovich remembers dstvo his father said that if it were not for the British , then Istanbul . Bosporus and Dardanelles were Russian . " In the battle at hand Sorokomyshem little lost . He told a consequence that salvation in the battlefield obliged friend Gunko Nicholas , he feared that the wounded and almost blackened arm amputated , and how did he would live if he could not swing a sword ? But due to high professionalism of the surgeon Berkman Tiflis hospital , who said that even povoyuet Cossack , he stayed with both hands. Photos of those times in the family kept as relics . For each could pay under the laws of the Soviet state. Then in the Civil War was a time of spirited , especially on the Don, when brother fought brother . One came for Uncle Grisha , who speaks supposedly going to change . And he waved through the window and vanish , as he was called . Here is a desperate relatives have Otrozhka . And these episodes sea. One uncle Ivan Georgiev was full boyfriend : he and his 1 2tovarischey captured and disarmed a French regiment .

In a sort of artists was not. Demonstrate the ability to draw in the graduating class of the school. Then serving in the Soviet Army often exploited its ability to draw in the wall newspaper . The case helped to look at passion as a possible fate , he did not miss the chance and went to study . After the end of the Smolensk State Pedagogical Institute in 1966 art-graphic faculty decided that the most appropriate for him this city Yaroslavl, although the young specialist was a choice . So , the city on the Volga became a mother forever. In 1977 he joined the Union of Artists of Russia . Diplomas and medals for not chasing , engaged in the business .

April 13 Oleg Pavlovich 75 years . What thinks , how he sees creativity? On this and many other conversation took place in the artists studio . Scrapping of the Soviet system Otrozhko met positively. However, as like many intellectuals , expecting new and better . Then came the understanding of the changes and their implications for Russia . In a sense, can be called the painting " Celebration of Accord and Reconciliation " fruit of these reflections .

April 24, 2014 in Yaroslavl Exhibition Hall of Artists Union opens anniversary solo exhibition. Business card - a picture with grouse . It turned out that this bird , love Oleg Pavlovich. And not only for the beautiful and bright plumage . And because this bird , coeval civilization survived all cataclysms and unlike mammoths, and survived .

Do creativity Oleg Pavlovich has followers . Their work will also be presented at the jubilee exhibition . This Vladimir Bagdasarian ( graphic artist and painter ) , Vera Kukushkin ( amateur artist ) , Oksana Otrozhko ( daughter of the artist ) - from Yaroslavl , Anatoly Klimenko ( painter ) from Krasnodar Olesya Maydibor ( painter ) from Rostov-on -Don, Alexander Otrozhko (leading South Russian artist s nephew ) of Sochi, Anatoly Otrozhko ( painter , a great lover of nature, nephew ) from Krymsk Orin Otrozhko ( graphic designer ) from Moscow, Vladimir Sereda ( painter ) of Daniel .

It seems to me that the gift received from fate or nature, ancestors or his incessant labor of professional development Oleg Pavlovich Otrozhko spends correctly. He is not exchanged , strictly refers to creativity, tends not to be ashamed of his work , critical of the paintings. This format of creative life in which there is narcissism , advertising and toadying to the powerful of this world - a lot of the great masters . Genes Otrozhko family - many centenarians. Give God , health, Oleg Pavlovich , so he could surprise new paintings , because he has so many ideas!

If someone decides to help the artist , it will be very useful : a creative person , creating a work of art, requires compensation for the emotional and material costs.

If there are ideas about this , please contact .

Victoria Sotskova ,

RIA "National Alliance"

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