Ivan Aivazovsky - the artist at all times

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 20/12/2013 20:11

Ivan Aivazovsky - the artist at all times

20/12/13 . in Yaroslavl Art Museum under the soothing sound of the surf looks of the guests opened the exhibition " Ivan Aivazovsky ". Works collected from five collections of museums. This is another link creative project " Our favorite artists ."

In the Yaroslavl Art Museum ( YAHM ) decided to give visitors a warm and open sea through the enchanting paintings by Ivan Aivazovsky . Behind him entrenched stereotype seascape , but his paintings to other topics are not less beautiful and inspired . The exhibition is presented in the three halls of the 28 works of different periods of five museums - YAHM , Vologda, Kostroma , Ivanovo, Rybinsk. Among them are the real rarity of the number of small-format works. Exhibition - was another link creative project " Our favorite artists ."

" The artists name is familiar to everyone from childhood. Aivazovsky be called an artist at all times - told Nadia Petrova , deputy director YAHM . - The works of his grandchildren, who followed in the footsteps illustrious grandfather. The exhibition runs until March 25, 2014. , To as many people saw an inexhaustible source of beauty - nature. "

According to Irina Kuleshov senior researcher permament exhibition department YAHM , there is still mystery in the works of this painter . " He lived a long life in the work of almost 60 years . Began in the era of classicism. Artist were considered and their romance and realists . He began as a romantic. When he looked at the nature and sincerely conveyed their feelings . Transferred to the canvas in the finest detail views of the sea , steppes , mountains. All he succeeded ! While at anyone it was not like . Received a classical education Aivazovsky , but found his way . He had periods of forgetfulness . For the artist says a lot of his work . "

Included in the first room of the exhibition is stunning great painting " View from the mountains in the Karanayskih Temir- Khan-Shura and the Caspian Sea " ( 1869 ) . This place is near the modern Buynaksk . How much space in the picture and pristine splendor of the world! If the artist says: " Centuries will pass , and the landscape is as unassailable and majestic ! ". When it was decided to put this work to the public, it appeared that time caused her to strike on the sly and two restorer whole year were hard work to restore the "health" of the web.

By the opening of the exhibition catalog is made to the description of paintings and photographs.

The exhibition is curated Kuleshov Irina, senior researcher permament exhibition department YAHM , Lyudmila Makarova , Head permament exhibition department YAHM , Alexey Fedorchuk , deputy director of exhibition work YAHM

Victoria Sotskova

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