The exhibition "Sea. Sun . Crimea "

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Posted on: 11/03/2014 14:31

The exhibition "Sea. Sun . Crimea "

11/03/2014 exhibition " Sea . Sun . Crimea "in Yaroslavl Art Museum . Exposure toured the country since 2011. Saw her in Novosibirsk, Novokuznetsk , Kemerovo , Krasnoyarsk, Saratov and Kaliningrad . Now exposition as Crimea, returned home.

Wonderful nature and wellness Peninsula Russians evaluated from tsarist times . Crimea gradually turned into a kind of Mecca for creative people . Nature fills with new ideas , imagination -inspiring creation, come and bodily update . From school children studied Soviet era works that sank into the soul forever , formed attitude to life, the best educated and good feelings . AI " Kuprin " gave the world the "White Poodle " A. P.Chehov acquainted with the " Lady with the Dog" and can be a long list of writers, poets , artists who have found what they were looking in the Crimea. And what Crimea represented Soviet citizens ? All-Union health resort and the dream of every pioneer - "Artek". The exhibition concept was focused on the thesis that the Crimea is a wonderful holiday destination.

As acknowledged by Alla Khatyukhina , Director YAHM , the idea to form the exposure on this topic came three years ago. Her first show was not in Yaroslavl. Returning to native land ownership was exposure to the atmosphere of the historic event - the reunification of the Crimea with Russia .

"The exhibition shows the love of the Crimea with the pre-revolutionary and Soviet periods . In the present study can be seen as changing the perception of artists over time , "- said at the opening of Alla Khatyukhina . "In this exhibition, childhood memories , - said Alexey Fedorchuk, curator of the exhibition . - There was a time when we used to go for a vacation in the Crimea . And each private attitude towards it : its resting place on the beach, and hiking, and sightseeing. Everyone has his own reflection memories. We wanted to give everyone a reason to remember that what is for us the Crimea . "

Paintings of XIX-XX centuries seemed not paintings in frames and windows in perfect nonchalance . Several paintings were stored in the vaults of 30-40 years . Crimea prerevolutionary authors - infinity : the sea , the fishermen , flowering gardens . Peter canvas Vereshchagin " Ayu-Dag . Crimea " ( 1872 ) , we can say with a typical story - the sea and the rocks around , a fisherman pulling a towing boat to shore , where he was waiting , perhaps, fish buyers or fellow hard labor share. The plot Lev Lagorio " Fishermen " is also the sea and fishermen co-operative , producing food network and the way that you can not tell without knowing the specifics of the fishery. Antebellum themes - a holiday of workers in the palaces , nature and still lifes of flowers . For example , Peter Kotov in the film " The rest house " captures the spirit of idleness - admiring the surrounding beauty of ordinary working people and their children absorb fluids sun, eating fruit . Earlier it was a lot of nobility. Or are the two pioneers girlfriends climbed into the mountains for some reason , study, probably countryside and enjoy life to the picture Anatolia Arapova "Pioneers in the Crimea ." Postwar direction - is a personal vacation, sports and sightseeing . Yaroslavl artist Sokolova Ariadne saw in 1962 the beach is almost deserted and bright , as if covered with colored stones , iridescent glow of the sun is , the azure sea . And Sergei Sokolov in 1980 portrayed "Crimea" , as the place is a fun holiday , where the book is adjacent to Plutarch canned " Sprat in tomato sauce " and bulging female Teleses of swimwear. Interesting ceramic group " setting sun " ( 1889g. ) Raisa Zavyalova ( 1953 , 2006 ) . This three story unfolding may have on rural dances. Some sit on the bench and watching the dancers dance in doubles , and others - are waiting for an invitation for a quadrille . In canvas art exhibitions organically blended collection of paraphernalia from the arsenal of the Soviet period vacationing women : dresses and tunics of calico bright colors - striped and flowered hats made ??of natural straw handbags and umbrellas .

With the reunification of the Crimea and Russia can be assumed that this event will inspire creative people to a new stage in the art will be displayed in the museums collection of about Crimea new XXI century.

The exhibition runs until May 11.

Victoria Sotskova

RIA "National Alliance"

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