The exhibition "Union" in the Yaroslavl Art Museum.

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Posted on: 04/08/2013 19:25

The exhibition "Union" in the Yaroslavl Art Museum.

In the Yaroslavl Art 02.08.2013g opened the exhibition "The Union", dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Yaroslavl branch of the Union of Artists. In the storerooms of the museum contains more than a thousand works of Yaroslavl artists for assessing their contribution to the development of Russian art of the past century. On the anniversary exhibition of 50 works.

Alexey Fedorchuk, curator of the exhibition, said that the creative union of artists and art historians will surprise Yaroslavl joint projects, and the exhibition will be a new milestone in the work of the Union of Artists and YAHM.

Time piece of work from the 30s to the 80s of the last century. They reflect the life of the country in the style of socialist realism. It was a time smashing the old era of a new art form, the young state needed to intellectuals working in one line with the social ideology of the country. Maybe it is due to this trend, we can see what has gone in the past, but close and familiar to most of Yaroslavl, former Soviet citizens.

Exhibition curator Hope Voinov, believes that artists have gone through difficult times, but their union continues to live, and they - do in difficult conditions. "I hope that visitors to the exhibition will see paintings in the museum halls that will create a nostalgic feeling - she said at the opening. - Some work is exhibited with the 60-ies. Today will be a meeting with the times. As they say, all that will be, it will be nice. And visitors will get a good impression, because the picture - its part of life and history. "

"We are pushing the box, and there is a screen in the past, - Mrs. Nina Golenkevich art museum. - Since the 30s all the creative direction were merged into the style of socialist realism. Artists - a creative union, and the first meeting of which was held in September 1933, and in November there were 20 people and 11 candidates. Many pages of creative stories are waiting for the Union of research that evaluates the individual contribution to the development of the artistic life of our city. "

In 1933, the Union entered the old artists - I. Batyukov, M. Vladykin Vladykina A., S. Shytov and youth - Vedeneev A., V. Gaposhkin, B. Petruhin, N. Lobankov. Period of repression has not bypassed artists. In the difficult years of the Great Patriotic War, creative people have drunk to the dregs the cup of sorrow with everyone, many did not return the front. In the 50s and 70s a lot of new artists. This is a time many consider the heyday of Yaroslavl.

Alexander Alexandrov, Chairman of the Yaroslavl branch of the Union of Artists of Russia, at the opening ceremony said that the title of the exhibition "Union" is an association with the union of art and artists. "We are in interaction with each other. Art historians analyze what we are doing in a historical context. In addition to the friendly relations exist Outreach Museum, - says Alexander. "

Visitors will see that? Mila heart of any former Soviet citizen picture of Boris Petrukhina "Pioneer in pioneer camp" (1937). It was part of a serene childhood everyone - vacation, book, games, pioneering the case. Another painting by Vladimir Zhukov, "The girl in the window" (1960): like nothing amazing, but it is this and touches the soul. Who as a child did not climb on the windowsill and stared out the window, looking out for my mother from work? In the corner of the window sill hotplate. Who is this and do not see them, but once it was a paraphernalia of everyday life. The painting "Drummer" Amir Mazitova (1967) takes a look. Serious face teenager Budenovka on the head with a red star in the hands of a drum and sticks. Whats ahead - the battle, the death, the victory? In the eyes froze anxiety of the unknown. This is a tragic slice of time in which there was a whole generation of childhood, which then were killed in the Great Patriotic War. Ask now the teenager: "Who are the young drummers?" Probably no one will answer. The story is aimed at the highest manifestation of patriotism for the motherland. It taught the Soviet government, and the artist helped create an inspiring image. In fact, the agitation. And very Foundling on the content for the younger generation. Or heres another picture of the author of "May Morning" (1967) depicts how a young girl petting a vest. Episode from the life of the common man, such as we are. Raising a young childs hard work and happiness of every woman. No gloss, there is a fact of life, which says that every person interested in the artist, and can become a center for the application of creativity. "A trifle," but a balm to the heart of the man in the street.

Socialist realism makes us realize what a great era had a chance to live our grandfathers and fathers. For some reason can not see pictures in the style of capitalist realism. If only someone had the idea to capture the collective ruins, the ruins of factories, drug addict, homeless, unfair elections, a policeman turning into a police officer worker. Where painting - "Freezing social research interviewing board", "The Death of a gamer," "Do not paid the mortgage", "deceived investors", "Death of a corrupt", "etc.? "It is not aesthetically pleasing" - some might say. However, what time and manners, and aesthetics, and this seems to demand.

The high mission of the artist is not only to express themselves, but also to glimpse a moment of happiness or sorrow, "pripechatat" through the prism of his creative this out of context of our sample. And his work left to posterity century. To be remembered.

Come to the show. It runs until 15 September 2013.

Victoria Sotskova 

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