Exhibition " Russian calligraphy script. Bard School YI Arutseva "

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Posted on: 01/02/2014 14:48

Calligraphy in Yaroslavl 

Exhibition " Russian calligraphy script. Bard School YI Arutseva "

Calligraphy has experienced times and the state , technical progress and harmoniously blended in the age of the cosmos. Many find that in todays world it is very subtle lesson unloads from the bustle because at the junction of art and craft.

It is a pity that the Russian education is no longer targeted to the young man was able to beautifully express their thoughts aloud or in writing , and manuscript practically been replaced by the computer printing. Not argue that the type on the computer - it is convenient , but it warms the soul , and look all the same handwritten text. Handwriting is also an expression of character. This means that affect a persons actual and calligraphy , if you teach him beautifully display letters . Earlier in the school discipline was " penmanship " as part of harmonious education of the individual. Who came to the fore the consumer , no matter who he is and that he only would have bought or consumed . But not everyone agrees with the soulless doctrine. And save yourself and your children from this scourge as they can, including the study of calligraphy .

Recently Yaroslavl completed its exhibition " Russian calligraphy script. Bard School YI Arutseva . " Beautiful , graceful lines pleasing look. Can be traced to the work of students and adults , as from drawing to drawing skill increases , more confident hand is a pen , sleeker becomes curl letters . Learn to display a clear line on special devices , boards or pen gel pens . Nikita Skorohodov grader wrote with an eye to the future , that good handwriting useful to him in work and in life: " To begin with, I had a very bad handwriting . Now it has become much better. Comparing their notebooks before and after school , I see it clearly. Letter beautifully soothing, harmonious ... makes a man . " "Calligraphy - this is not the scope of application . This is the realm of my soul. It expresses my state harmonizes me driving on the order in the outer life to inner order . Disorder in the letter - a mess in the shower. Order in the shower - the order in a letter "- convinced of the correctness Alain Vitalievna Frolov. Anya SHumakova fourth-grade , shared : " I ??love to write beautifully , and not anyhow ." Young mother , Tatyana Volodina , said engaged in calligraphy - for the soul finds pleasure in his schedule for this free time .

In modern life, much simplified to digital passwords and logins , all sorts of codes and ciphers . However, there is a wonderful expression of identification - the monogram . This individual "picture" , a unique combination of initials that reflects your character or even occupation . In fact it is your own code , name and secret sign that distinguishes you from others , your "photo" in letters and lines. If you wish, you may be taught in the workshop Yuri Ivanovich Arutseva . Bring variety to the monotony of everyday life , create a monogram for yourself and loved ones , learn to see beauty in every letter .

Victoria Sotskova

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