IV Summer School 2014 on osteoporosis in Yaroslavl

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Posted on: 08/07/2014 16:35

IV Summer School 2014 on osteoporosis in Yaroslavl 

From 06/30/14 to 07/03/14 the IV Summer School on osteoporosis for rheumatologists and endocrinologists in Yaroslavl. 

At the opening ceremony Olga Lesnyak, Professor, President of the Russian Association on Osteoporosis, noted the feature event: "This is the first middle school to rheumatologists and endocrinologists. This specialized format RAOP first conducts training professionals. "

In the city on the Volga River came from across the country 112 doctors. Lecture course they read well-known experts in this direction. Organizing Committee of worked conscientiously to make every day an interesting study saturated for information professionals. 

Andrey Baranov, vice-president of the Association of Rheumatology Russia, Ph.D., Professor, Vice-Rector of Yaroslavl State Medical Academy and school teacher expressed the hope that all this knowledge will be applied in practice. Alexander Degtyarev, head trauma Yaroslavl region, chief physician of the Clinical Hospital of Emergency Medical Care. N.V.Soloveva noted that in practice there are many cases of pathologies of patients who are at the crossroads of specializations endocrinologists and rheumatologists. It is therefore important, in his opinion, that the schools osteoporosis in Yaroslavl endocrinologists have expressed interest. He told an interesting nuance: Vitamin D is positioned as a hormone, and conducting research on the blood levels of vitamin D have a group of people in the hospital, it was found that only a few patients, it is normal. According to head trauma, this question should be studied, because for lasting healing bone should take into account these parameters. Alexander Degtyarev thanked the leadership RAOP that information relating to osteoporosis among professionals distributed at a high level. Professor Nikolay Korshunov, MD, professor, head of therapy Yagma, stressed the importance of a multidisciplinary problem: "Our task today is to emphasize the social aspect of the disease, and the knowledge and experience will help to solve this problem." 

Olga Lesnyak noted that knowingly Yaroslavl was selected for study, because this city has a well-known long-standing tradition Rheumatic school. The region has successfully operate two of the best center of osteoporosis in Russia. "The work is organized so that you can come, watch and repeat - said Olga Lesnyak. - Yaroslavl - this is the first city in the country, where cleverly connected to the problem of traumatology and orthopedics. The system is built to help patients so that patients do not stay at home and more than 80% of them operate. Should look at this experience to assist system technology earned in other regions. "

Olga Yershov, Professor, Vice-President and Chairman of the RAOP "Osteorus" Yaroslavl colleagues took the first: "For us it is a great honor and responsibility. Previously, we conducted school educational level. Now - specialized. This is a step forward. Each of the specialists - professional in the business, with its knowledge base. We are trying to raise the issue to a new level that it has benefited in practice and patients. "

The curriculum was divided into thematic blocks, lectures are devoted to general and specialized topics. Educational process included workshops, lectures and seminars. Provided test incoming and final control. To obtain a certificate of advanced training necessary to do their homework, which will be accepted by e-mail Yagma specialists. Thus, schooling will combine part-time form, just 72 hours. 

Each break between classes colleagues actively communicate with each other, it is always interesting to learn how to work in other cities. They had something to discuss on professional issues and what to see - specialists presented their information a number of pharmaceutical companies. 

Irina Marusina, chief rheumatologist Kostroma region, not for the first time participating in activities RAOP. According to her, the knowledge gained to help in the work, very important to share experience on the treatment of patients. Andrew Dimitrienko - a geriatrician, a specialist in osteoporosis, MD came from St. Petersburg. Previously, he attended the winter school "any information is useful. When different experts give their opinion and each have different views, then look at the problem from a new angle. I work in the City geriatric social health centers specializing in this issue and I are important knowledge about osteoporosis. Sharing information with colleagues helps. "Love Tyurin, rheumatologist, working in the Moscow Research Institute of Rheumatology in the clinic. In school RAOP arrives for the third time, and notes that each time new information in the program, which she successfully applied in practice. Vasily Tornow, endocrinologist from Yaroslavl Emergency Hospital Care. N. V. Soloviev, also believes that the new knowledge is a great help in the work: "All of our hospital, we can say," tied to the bone. "Therefore, innovations in this area are always interesting from a practical point of view. "Basil Tornova "hooked" information about insulin: it is prescribed for better healing with injuries, but as it turned from a lecture at the symposium, and the bone may collapse. Now he will discuss with colleagues the information to make the right conclusions and destination patients. 

Was not forgotten and cultural part of the School: an excursion to Vvedensky Tolga convent trip along the Volga. Impression of the ancient city of doctors will take away with them thousands of miles away. Responses and photographs, many participants Schools, literally, on-line exhibited in social networks. It should be noted that without the financial participation of pharmaceutical companies Novartis, Eli Lilly, Takeda, Amgen, Gedeon Richter and Nativ was unable to talk to specialists such an important social theme for our aging society as osteoporosis. 

IV Summer School in Yaroslavl finalized. Ahead RAOP many plans and the organizing committee has already started to prepare for the Winter School. Professional development - the process of appreciative. The main thing is that patients can feel it in the daily practice of professionals and ... their bones. 

Victoria Sotskova, 

RIA "National Alliance" 


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