Start of "Prometheus".

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 20/02/2013 19:20

Start of"Prometheus"

20 February2013. "Yaroslavl started All-Russian project "Prometheus", which ispart of an international initiative to create a system of repeated warningsfractures in patients with osteoporosis. Ten regions of Russia, whereosteoporosis is a center, we decided to undertake serious work - to form asystematic approach to the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Leadcoordinator of the project is defined " Yaroslavl. The findings, which will bethe basis of all levels of patient care, will be the base for introductionthroughout the country, and possibly in the CIS countries.

At thepresentation of the project before traumatologists acted Olga in law Ershov, MD,Professor, Vice-President of the Russian Association on Osteoporosis (RAOP),head of the Russian Society of osteoporotic "OSTEORUS." It wasparticularly noted as important at this stage to orient the patient to treatthe underlying cause of fracture, osteoporosis, to prevent more fatalconsequences. That comes to traumatology patients with a first fracture,osteoporosis. But at this stage trauma puzzled usually how splice fracture, andmisses the opportunity to advise the patient to pay attention to bonefragility, ie referred to a specialist.To work thesystem alerts, trauma patients have to offer to the first fracture referencebrochure with content recommended by the World Health Organization and theInternational Association for the fight against osteoporosis, and adapted RAOPapplied to Russian conditions. It contains useful information, expert advice andcontacts, where to go for free advice, get a qualified welcome by appointment.

Thethe task of the coordinator of the "Prometheus," which in " Yaroslavl willwork on the basis of city and regional centers to combat osteoporosis, organizedata, to help patients not trapped in the insidious disease. The project willrun the "School to combat osteoporosis," for everyone. In classexperts will explain the basics of the disease, to give practical advice.

The mainthe task of "Prometheus" - is prevention of repeated fractures thatdevelop against osteoporosis. That there were no patients with a possibility ofearly treatment for the prevention of osteoporosis following a fracture, withserious implications for the health and life, especially the elderly.

Recall thatRussia has a disease one in ten, and 6% already have osteoporosis fractures,every 15 minutes from the proximal femur fracture a person dies, and 45% do notlive a year with a hip fracture.

"Prometheus"will change the attitude to the disease, which, in essence, is a social, tobuild a logistics assistance, to increase the length and quality of life inpatients with osteoporosis.

Victoria Sotskova, " Yaroslavl 

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