" Trendy . Russian "

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Author of publication: Yaroslavl regional office of the youth project "NETWORK"

Posted on: 25/04/2014 08:00

" Trendy . Russian "

Yaroslavl regional office of the youth project "NETWORK"

23.04.2014g.v Yaroslavl took the action " Trendy . Russian " youth project " Network . " Protesters have offered to change your old clothes with foreign symbols (eg , a T-shirt «I love NY») on t-shirts and hoodies with prints that reflect the spirit of Russia , its achievements and successes. The action was attended 207 Yaroslavl . Polina Yurchenko (organizer , participant of the "Network" ): " In the 90s every teenager from Yaroslavl had a cap « USA California », his father -shirt « I love New York », and his mother Sweatshirt « Chanel ». In Russia at the time really was almost impossible to find decent clothes of its own production , and she came from America. Then we do not just buy the whole country and put the clothes themselves . In fact, for the money we have advertising spaces for western brands and media propaganda love for the American states . Throughout the country. The nineties are over. We live in the new Russia ! But inertia continue to talk to each other using all the same shirts we love New York. Designers Project "NETWORK" released a series of fashionable clothes with Russian symbols and are willing to exchange it for analogs with English inscriptions and American flags. All collected clothing and other American symbols in the coming days , we will send a second-hand in the center of Kiev to Ukrainians who today thanks to the West for a long time into a period very similar to the nineties . " They have lost themselves , American Eagle clothing is needed. "

Tyukova Anastasia , a spokesman for the project "Network" in Yaroslavl

RIA "National Alliance"

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