Twenty parties participating in the elections to the Yaroslavl Oblast Duma.

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 07/08/2013 13:55

Twenty parties participating in the elections to the Yaroslavl Oblast Duma.

    06.08.2013g. Denis Vasiliev, chairman of the election commission of the Yaroslavl region, told reporters that completed the registration procedure of the party lists of candidates in a single constituency.

       Commission documents batches checked promptly. The result - in the election race in 2013 will involve 20 parties. For comparison, in 2008, fought in the political field of eight competitors.

        The three parties - the "Apple" United Russia "and" Green Alliance - Peoples Party "- on paperwork at the electoral commission did not have claims. "Civic Platform", one of the three parties excluded from the race, contested the electoral commissions decision to the Regional Court. From 10-00 to 18-00 electoral commission chairman gave a detailed explanation of the court on the situation with this party, convinced of bias against her. Themis opted argument election committee. Representatives of the parties will appeal the decision of the Yaroslavl Regional Court in the Supreme.

  From the lists of the two parties were excluded because the two candidates information on convictions. It is the party "Communist Russia" (the driver Yu.B.Gudimov from Krasnoyarsk), and "Citizenship" (S.D.Ranichev, 1988g.r., No education, assistant to the chairman of the political council). One man himself withdrew his candidacy from the list of the Communist Party. Chairman of the Electoral Commission did not exclude that in the future, in the case of notification to ATC YAO criminal records of candidates, the process of their expulsion from the political struggle will continue.

      There is also a regional and federal court practice to exclude the party has already begun the process of the campaign. Typically, this is in violation of copyright law. Bribery of voters, which is the most frequent mention in the category of violations, it is very difficult to prove and withdrawal from the election for that very reason - a rare event. In the Yaroslavl region, there is no such judicial practice. We can not exclude also the fact that the parties are free to go to the election "race." Such precedents.

"I hope so. All lots will be held and will be presented in the electoral list, "- said he hoped Denis Vasiliev.

Join the single-mandate candidates continues. It will be completed by August 8. There is a refusal to register a self-promoter. Typically, this claim to the quality of design signature listov.V this day will also hold the draw order in the list of parties on the ballot (odnomandatniki arranged in alphabetical order, the party - rolling a lot), and distribute the order of airtime for campaigning on TV "Yaroslavia" and " NTM. " We are currently filling lots of special accounts and spending. According to the law - thats 10 mln., Which can be spent on advertising. 

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