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Author of publication: Andrei Smirnov

Posted on: 18/04/2013 18:39

Michael Vovk, chairman of the Khabarovsk regional branch of the Russian movement "For Human Rights" is convinced that the social tensions will rise because of ostentatious moderation. Strengthening social tensions associated with the humiliating position of homeowners paying for mistakes monopolies and the state of your pocket, you can reduce the running processes real and not ostentatious modernization - the member of ACS with FAS in the Khabarovsk region chairman of the regional branch of the All-Russian Movement "For Human Rights" Michael Vovk. 

As you know, there are two types of monopoly - territorial and local. Local monopoly, when a house is connected to the same network or pipe. Feed is a resource provider, wherein the other connection to the source. Monopoly occurs both in the housing and communal services.

       Under the legislation can be used as a form of government houses created by the owners of the HOA and management companies hired by them. And if the sphere of housing services is competitive enough, the scope of public services remains uncontrolled by any owners or the state. The right to verify the calculations of prices and tariffs granted to the owners, but to use them, they can not because of the lack of professional knowledge. You can use the services of experts of the Criminal Code, but even there the former natives of the local housing department will not shine education in the estimated pricing, accounting, document management, safety, living in a house.

         HOA - also a company with its own characteristics and personnel policy, but in contrast to the usual commercial structure with a completely untrained professionals from among the owners. Most do not even have basic training, however, have to take responsibility for the condition of the house and the ability to pay. Experts able to assess the level of cost or quality of services, the deficit even in large enterprises.

      Meanwhile, the possibility of theft of money the owners have no boundaries, the only difference is that they are smaller in the HOA. Criminal serve up to 200 homes at once, because to deal with acts of execution and pricing difficult. Costs are approved at the beginning of the year, and the prices are changing almost daily. Ends the reporting period, but check out the entire amount of work done is almost impossible. Hence the first two types of theft - due to excessive maintenance costs and the expense of the owners of underperformance paid services. In the absence of an independent examination of managers are endless possibilities, for legislation, formats, pricing changes.

       The leaders of the Criminal Code, by calling rates are based on the current rates for contract work, but in fact they can differ significantly. They argue that low prices choose the high quality of the professionals, but in fact it turns out that these contractors - affiliated with respect to the structure of the Criminal Code. Inflated prices and rates are returned to pocket their heads in the form of kickbacks. Thus was born another way relatively honest weaning of owners. The rate paid, and even difficult to get the money back through the courts. Who are able to check the quality of service a year later?

        Suppose the owner of a persistent and competent. Demanded by law to complete a package of reporting documentation of the Criminal Code. You will be offered the truck market weighing in at 10 pounds, and when you ask them to make certified copies, denied the request because the existing regulations the procedure is not spelled out. Sign the same vouchers will force you, otherwise there will come the administrative responsibility for breach of contract. To create a competitive environment for housing services necessary to create independent expert organizations. Their remuneration in the amount of $ 100, the owner saves on stealing from his own pocket millions of rubles.

    Any prices and tariffs should be before they are approved to pass the examination and if the government will not help in the creation of expert organizations, the growth of social tension in the housing sector will continue. Although corruption component is not excluded here - lzheekspertov willing to sell their "professionalism" reward enough. However, the existing legislative failures "seeds" in relation to miscalculations that are happening in public services. This control is not available not only to the public but also government agencies. Gain resource providers recovered from air. Tariffs for heat, water, electricity approved by the regional committees on prices and tariffs, but their powers are limited. Committees of experts in their calculations using federal regulations - FTS Russia. The cost of utilities is composed of tariffs and regulations.

       Property owners claim that the installation of meters will solve their problems. But in recent years, due to infrastructure deterioration normative losses, such as the heat rose from 6.5 to 23 percent. State monopolies like. They are large taxpayers and are guaranteed suppliers, in fact, the guarantor of social stability. The government is going to meet them in all kinds of expenses, including millions in salaries of top - managers, content in kindergarten children of employees, pay for spa treatment and life insurance. On the one hand, the state declares the need for modernization in the housing sector, on the other - continues the practice of binding resource consumers to monopoly suppliers in apartment buildings.

        Need to introduce new technology, build on the roofs of local heating units, heat pumps use and develop alternative sources of electricity and water. In fact, the reverse process - the state allows the monopolists to seize huge amounts of money for a network connection or a pipe. Modernization program costly and long payback, but instead of helping the owners of the state plans another increase tariffs without the ability to disconnect from expensive resources, and without the ability to control the execution of investment programs. Thus, in the communal area formed a dead end from which the output is not visible. Some progress in upgrading the place. In some regions, the owners have access to information about the calculation of tariffs and consumption standards, according obschedomovyh meters. But the legislative authorities must urgently enact legislation limiting the appetite by creating a monopoly supplier of cluster resources, expert communities, run real modernization programs. Will make sure that consumers have access to natural gas and source of quality water.

     "It is important to abandon the construction of new mains tens of kilometers in length and reduce the cost of connecting to the local sources of resources. Owners not to allocate funds for maintenance of monopoly structures and the modernization of public utilities. Reduce tariffs can be a massive disconnect from networks and pipes outside the control of the community organizations that homeowners will make life more free and happy, - said Mikhail Vovk. "

 Andrei Smirnov, Khabarovsk.

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