Peoples drug laws : paint and brush on the vandals and drug addicts

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 14/03/2014 13:49

Peoples drug laws : paint and brush on the vandals and drug addicts

03/14/2014 . took action , " ink and brush on vandals and drug addicts " in Yaroslavl.

In recent years , literally , octopus Yaroslavl entangled inscriptions calling buy death - narcotic and psychotropic substances . Especially these inscriptions lot near schools, children home, cultural institutions and sports. Drug trafficking is gaining recruits from childhood and is not shy about advertising in the media.

In the Leninsky district around the orphanage " Sunny " and a few schools located nearby, just such an attack graffiti homes. It was brought to the attention of children - pupils of " Sunny ." Theres an idea to attract the attention of the public and to allow the children to express their citizenship to this evil. To call " brush and paint on the vandals and drug addicts " school friends joined students , members of the board of trustees of the orphanage ( among them, and G. A Evstifeeva ) , student volunteers and residents of the area .

Before the rally were veterans of the Leninsky district police department Viktor Kozyrev Yaroslavl and Vladimir Yakovlevich Yermylov . They said simple and succinct related words , that the drug , in its essence, is a kind of terrorism against our people , because the drugs are death and destroy our genetic and personality.

Expressed interest in the shares of drug control officer , the management company " Upravdom Leninsky district ." Sponsors and CC provided paint and paint rollers and brushes .

After a little pep parts guys and painters professionals went to work . Everyone wanted to make a contribution into serious business . At the same time everyone understood that the effectiveness of the fight depends on the actions of law enforcement bodies and consciousness of society, youth .

Worked perfectly, and the results summed together over tea and hospitable table, cooked administration " Sunny ", where for many years working as the director Elena Kuznetsova Irineevna

By the way, a few steps from the venue of the action is Yelena Kuznetsova desk , Yaroslavl Oblast Duma deputy from the Communist Party faction . I would like people to clothed authority to do their job responsibly , to fulfill their state and law functions effectively and pay attention to what is happening , literally , right under their noses . Then the boys and girls would not have to defend themselves against the onslaught of drug traffickers brush and paints .

Victoria Sotskova

RIA "National Alliance"

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