28 October 2013. Discussion took place in Yaroslavl " Strong women for osteoporosis ."

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28 October 2013. Discussion took place in Yaroslavl " Strong women for osteoporosis ."

World Day against osteoporosis under the motto " Strong women - osteoporosis ! " In Yaroslavl noted a succession of events: art contest , "Let my mother will always be healthy and strong " participation in social action for pensioners and the debate on " Strong women against osteoporosis " tasting of new products of two manufacturers of dairy products - Yaroslavl and Uglich plants.

Social organization of patients Osteorus "and the Russian Association on Osteoporosis invited to a discussion between representatives of public organizations, government and the medical community. They came to discuss the important issues of public health : the Yaroslavl Oblast Duma deputies - Larissa Ushakov and Khitrova Olga , Irina Chukhlantseva , editor in chief of the Yaroslavl regional newspaper "Health" , Julia Tikhomirov , a member of the Public Chamber of nuclear weapons , the journalist of " City TV ", Tatiana Khokhlova , the head of the Yaroslavl municipal District , Natalia Beketova efficiency n . , deputy director of Mesi , Albina Hripkova , Yaroslavl state Philharmonic soloist Olga Ershov , MD, Professor, Vice -President RAOP , head of the " Osteorus " Galina Evstifeeva , Company patients Osteorus ", Alexander Degtyarev , the main trauma Yaroslavl region , Mikhail Pushkov , director of the Yaroslavl territorial Fund MLA. The moderator of the event was Anna Mavricheva , author and host of the talk show " On the garlic ." I must say that to participate in the discussion were the representatives of the regional health care , but for some reason did not come.

Constructive conversation touched on the most important aspects - prevention and treatment of disease. The presence of two active women deputies led to concrete results . According to Larisa Ushakova need to make every effort to move forward in addressing the problem of osteoporosis and she promised to discuss the topic at a meeting of the Regional Committee of the City Council . Olga Khitrova offered to act with " Osteorus " together and sign an agreement for this purpose . O.V.Hitrova is the chairman of the public organization " Union of Women of the Yaroslavl region" in the structure of an extensive network of primary organizations throughout the area , and there are a number of enterprises . In addition, they are the fourth year they implement the project "Health and " and organized visits to the municipal areas of health care workers . You will be able to do it and with experts in osteoporosis.

education and prevention work. Start to take care of your bone health is necessary, when the person is still in the womb. The countrys population is aging and at risk of more women , who often are deficient in the vitamin. D and calcium , are subject to physical inactivity , smoking . This risk factors for osteoporosis , which is especially feared its consequences - fractures , which can be fatal in the elderly ? tsli time does not provide medical care . In Yaroslavl, on the basis of hospital Emergency Care Solovyov , a unique model of the spent working with patients who received a hip fracture . But this experience is not common in Russia, does not affect the parts of the region . The whole point is that you need to work not only with the relatives of elderly people who need to pay attention to the health of an elderly person , but that health care providers promptly refer such patients to a hospital for surgery. Today, medicine could solve the issue of surgical treatment of bone fractures in older people using the methods of replacement and ( or) osteosynthesis. All the matter in the human factor , the understanding of the importance of their professional specialist for the life of another person.

Professor Yershov told how the work lined up in the direction of studying the situation in the country on the problems of osteoporosis. Today in Russia 197 densitometers , half of them in the capital. The equipment makes it possible to diagnose the symptoms of osteoporosis even before its manifestations , ie give a chance to minimize the risk of bone fractures.

  What happens now? Patients go to the doctor already having signs of having osteoporosis. In the two densitometer works in urban and regional centers of osteoporosis. By the way, in Russia one of the first center was established osteoporosis in Yaroslavl 15 years ago. Large-scale studies on osteoporosis have been conducted for the first time in the 1995-2002 year. After 10 years, carried out new research , and now members of the Russian Association on Osteoporosis ( OB Yershov , vice president RAOP ) and " Osteorus " at the V Russian Congress on Osteoporosis will compare - what has changed in 10 years.

Galina Evstifeeva ( she is deputy head of " Osteorus ") informed about the international experience on the prevention and fight against osteoporosis , which in different countries has its own characteristics . She also spoke about the results of the drawing competition held in Yaroslavl , "Let my mother will always be healthy ." This is an important part of education, when the work is carried out in children. The best drawings will be included in the calendar, which will include prevention of osteoporosis expert advice . This original prophylactic move has not been used , and the calendar will be presented to the international community , that is, member organizations of the World Foundation for osteoporosis , so they took over the Russian experience .

It turned out that experience when loved ones got a hip fracture , has been in the family of Olga Tikhomirov Larissa Ushakova Natalia Beketova . Old age is expected of each of us and the way medicine will work will depend on the length of life. Therefore , it is necessary to contribute to the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Alexander Degtyarev noticed that a lot depends on health care professionals, especially those closest to the old man - its precinct and family doctors who are always under suspicion of fracture - send such a patient to the hospital them . Solovyov , where every detail worked out scheme of assistance. If the time to operate on a patient , that is, literally, the next day she can get up .

How to relate to your health, so you live . According to the singer Hripkovoy Albina , a lot depends on the person, self-discipline. Irina Chukhlantseva believes that more often in the pages of the newspaper to raise the issue of the prevention of osteoporosis in children and adults, stress the importance of this timely appeal to specialists. The current pragmatic world demands new rules , Im sure Natalia Beketova cheaper in the prevention and care of their health than to reap the fruits of the disease. Tatiana Khokhlova convinced that now is not enough promotion of a culture of conservation of their own health , and encouraged to pay attention to your health , do not delay to consult specialists in order not to aggravate the situation and promptly deal with prevention.

Michael Pushkov proposed acquisition densitometer to discuss the topic in detail. The issue is possible through targeted programs or through the budget of the region. Cost densitometer - six million rubles. There are mobile osteodensitometry cost about 1 million rubles . Their goal - is screening preventive care , which would under the MLA to spend it for free directly to districts.

Round table in which the first violin playing strong women , ie the fairer sex who have reached a certain self-actualization, was held to be extremely constructive. Step by step, in the field should be solved the problem of timely diagnosis and prevention of osteoporosis , which will reduce the severity of socially significant diseases .

Society is completely "for", experts and deputies - as well.

What will power, which determines the final point in this regard?

Viktoria Sotscova 

RIA "National Alliance" 

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