The vital society. The disease. The relationship of the patient and doctor..

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Posted on: 14/11/2012 13:48

 Vital society. Disease. The relationship of the patient and the doctor.

Professor Chingiz Ali-Zadeh from Azerbaijan Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics discusses the paradox of the modern world

We live in a very difficult time, on a break stories. Former values ??are losing their relevance, and new ones that have come from abroad, is not meaningful. As it happens in front of this new wave foams and dirt that most quickly find a place for parking.

In our century by the subjectivist theory of Sri Aurobindo facing our society (or sent in that direction), so that its development has turned back to barbarism. We are faced with a paradox (which, incidentally, is the norm for the vital human) that cultured, gentle, thoughtful, moral or religious person is not an example to follow. Now a successful man and his constant desire to produce, sell, save, have a leading man of society. And no matter which way the wealth is achieved. The main thing is puffed out his desire to show everyone that you are such a person. Hence expensive cars, huge mansions, luxury amid impoverishment of the majority of the population, a violation of the moral law, and public, corruption "golden" youth.

But let no one forget that the stories were such "disease." And, if left untreated, it can occur in death. History is replete with cases of collapse and disappearance not only of individual cities, nations, and whole empires. The place where the negative energy is to be destroyed. But Allah sent many signals and creates many opportunities to correct the situation. And we all need to understand this. In this particular mission is the doctors who are on the front lines, and the first meeting with trends, speaking of trouble in society, that is, disease.

Where they come from nobody knows. And hardly attempts of scientists, with their state of the art equipment that will facilitate this. There is a legend that the ancient Jews had a book that has been written, for which a person is given the top this or that disease. But one day the elders gathered and destroyed the book. Obviously, the process of the disease course and outcome of the disease depends not only on the skill and knowledge of a doctor, but also the state of the human soul. Obviously, each time a person gets sick, it is the result of the chaos in the soul, the spiritual wrong position. Man is composed of body, mind and soul. And, if the first two components belong to the material world and function of matter (suspended), the soul (that is given to us by Allah) is not a material substance. An imbalance between these components leads to disease.

Having taken this axiom as a basis, the doctors have a huge responsibility not only to recognize the disease and its symptoms, finding the right way to solve it, but the most important thing to try to explain the cause of the patient himself. Need to make a party of the healing process. After all, no one else can better understand the mental state of the patient as he is. It should always be remembered that the doctor does not cure the patient. Hes just a tool in the hands of Allah. Thus, the treatment should turn not so much physical, but in the spiritual recovery of the patient. It is necessary to explain to the patient that the source of the disease is himself, his state of inner peace (more chaos). Thinking doctor should strive to recreate the soul and mind of the patient to change the balance of his views not only on his illness, but to the entire world. Therefore, the mission of the physician is not only a healer of the body, but also a healer of the soul.

Otherwise we risk again to get "strange disease" because of the whole society, the whole of humanity and the whole world are interconnected. You can not live thinking that once Im good, I do not care about anything else. You must try to rise above the barbaric mindset vital to methyl and supramental consciousness (spiritual transformation), ie accomplish the mission for which we are sent by God to this world.

We came out of it, and we must return to Him.

Professor Chingiz Ali-Zadeh 

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