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Pedigreetradition is a personal time machine.

Familythe past, albeit of different dignity is a value is not subject to the devaluation ofeven in the era of the global crisis. Biographical stitch days of the past haveof each. The study of their own genealogical roots - this is the safe haven, whereyou can wait any social or psychological storms. The Ascetics Of The UnionThe revival of the Pedigrees of Traditions (СВРТ) with gusto spend free time atthe search for the "yesterdays" day of their relatives and close friends. As the gamblersthe miners since the Gold rush they are ready to vigorously turn over the mountain of paperwork,breathe in the archive dust, but to find the grains of the biographical information about the ancestors.
Startedall with amazing scene in 1996, overturned the banality ofValery Bibikova, designer KB them. Dry. One day, he read in the newspaperabout the meeting of the "Russian House Бибиковых", and then received an invitationon the phone to visit the event namesakes in the noble Assembly. Onвельможную "get-together", of approximately 50 people, he came with his fatherpure curiosity, as was not from the estate of the "blue blood", and ofpeasants, and in this there was no doubt. Many things he learned from the speeches ofnamesakes about the origin of the noble line of the kind. As a presentreceived a copy of a brochure. Examined and found information about the peasant member of the firstThe Russian state Duma in 1906, originally from the village of ancestors. It wasthis revelation.
Collection -finished, and Valery went home with a firm intention to go deep in the bloodlinesthe roots. Suddenly theres a bright and outstanding personality? If the time has come,when suddenly it was no one to compare, to be proud of, and the past idols overthrownand the heroes are forgotten, how to educate children and grandchildren? Thats decided, that ifthe country does not give a positive role models, they need to look for yourself andit is better if it will be relatives or close people.
SINCE thenBibikov stopped dreaming about the aircraft of his own design, and began"grow" their own pedigrees of wood. It was not easy - notenough theoretical knowledge and practical skills, Estonians had experiencewith the archive workers. But the enthusiasm of a great thing. It turned out, the peasantthe Deputy - четвероюродный grandfathers brother, and there were other discoveries.
Circlecommunication has changed, and found like-minded people, who are also eager to learnabout their ancestors. So, at first United in the Internet, and then createdthe specialized organization. Something learned in the course of the case, the information grewlike a snowball, and then decided that developments should be available to those whowants to delve into this topic.
TO the site,under the influence of genealogical "magnetism", began to gravitatethe companions. For the years of research have appeared opening and sensations and I wanted themshare with us in reality.
Toimprove, you need to have a regular exchange of experience,- says Valeriy Bibikov,President СВРТ. - Appearedthe idea of a bear on the public their achievements. We went to Nizhny Novgorod, andstaged in the childrens library opening day. The own funds gatheredvolunteers from Moscow, Kazan, Kursk, Peter. From there, who had come tolook at the curves of fate, the Polish economy in древах strange family generations,the exhibition was like. The lesson: there is a need to legalizeideological colleagues in the public Association.

" Whoincluded in the organization?
- Amongwe oligarchs no, the age range from 17 to 70 years, with differenteducational range. The backbone is composed mainly of people of the middlethe age of 35-55 years old, women, slightly more than half.

- Iswhether its findings in this case?
Firstall these are practical tips for beginners. We teach with the basics: how to write queries,share the right phones, there is even a rating of the staff of the archives. Thistrue, because with the collapse of the USSR and mass departure of the former fraternal republicsin Russia and foreign countries, many were left without, as it were the last. We evenuse personal communication, to help compatriots.

-There are already 7 all-Russia and several thematic exhibitions in Bryansk,Kursk, Yaroslavl, Yekaterinburg, Uglich, Tula... the Audience meets projects on"hurrah!". How do you explain this?
" Nowthe pragmatic society, the realities of which often ruin a family and makediscord even between the closest people on the material of the soil. Peoplemissing family values.
the province take exhibition "warmer"than in the capital. There isfeature - in all the regions at the mind - many come from the same villages,therefore, the findings in the pedigrees of the twists are very interesting. And Moscow is"Solyanka", most of the unites only work, it is nothas the value of who, where, and who is a relative.

Howthe crisis affected the activities of the organization?
- Effect,however, as in all. Up to the present days we had there was a long queue to get into the planexhibitions up to the year 2011. Went to the first crisis of "swallows" and, evenwith a great desire and understanding, people are not able to help: on the verge of a breakdownthe may exhibition in Voronezh

- Canto help such passion overcome depression?
" andeven both. A man receives a positive charge, helping to stem thethe difficulties of the society. Appears sense of purpose and meaning, and in General - it is not breadone.
Occursunderstanding that crises come and go, and life doesnt end there.Imagine, a man decided to go to the small country, which had never evensee, but he knows that his grandparents and great-grandparents lived there: from the well, water drinking, andin the forest for mushrooms went, in this river swimming, and here was his fathers house, andthere village churchyard...
Know,what feelings are tested with this? Words cannot describe - the heart is filled withpower, personality changes, and even sickness leave, because positive emotionsmobilize the protective properties of the organism: a man lives not for the sake of consumerismor a career, but for the sake of the children, for the sake of his spirituality. In the ideas of the organizationdiscord with wandering in the society the spirit of " live day to day,consume and dont think about their ancestors.

-Now much is measured through the prism of money. It is clear that the estimate of the ringingcoin of interest to their own past - it is not, what is the measure of the degree ofenthusiasm for research in their "roots"?
- IN the firstturn in the ancestors. I believe that these are our guardian angels and than theirmore, the greater the borders of the protection of the negative. The ecology of the soul should be kept inthe procedure. So you are creating your own hands monument.

-Why so concerned about genealogy?
-The ideology has changed - 20 years ago proud of the state, but today is a differentapproach to patriotism. But the soul abhors a vacuum. Need a sustainable basis under themoral principles. Sure - its family, genus, the Motherland. And through the history of theits own kind and reverence to the memory of loved ones and to the state of the 


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