" Days of Culture of Yaroslavl -2014" in Burlington

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Posted on: 24/05/2014 13:22

" Days of Culture of Yaroslavl -2014" in Burlington

20.05.2014 in the Yaroslavl Regional Public Organization "Society of Friendship " Russian - American Association " streaming report representatives of the official delegation visited the twin city of Burlington (the largest educational , commercial and cultural center of Vermont , USA) , which was held from 30.04.2014 to 06.05.2014g .

Special guest of the society - Vyacheslav Gavrilov, Deputy Mayor of the city of Yaroslavl on urban governance and cooperation with authorities , said about the trip.

Such visits have become a tradition for the two sister cities . The purpose of international contacts at the level of civil society - to develop new forms of cooperation.

Delegation participated in the event " Days of Culture of Yaroslavl ." Events organized by activists of the public organization " Program Towns Burlington and Yaroslavl ." Yaroslavl talked about modern day ancient city on the Volga, the Americans responded to questions about modern Russia . Burlington City Hall Photo Exhibit " Yaroslavl American eyes " and exhibition of objects of Russian culture and literature. In the central library held a presentation video about Yaroslavl organized by librarians .

In the early 90 - ies Vyacheslav Gavrilov has visited the United States. On this trip, he had the opportunity to compare their experiences. For example, he went to the University of the state and private higher education institutions . It turned out that the cost of education in a private school - college Midlberri , about 60 thousand dollars a year, and the public - about 10 thousand dollars a year . When this state is valid for natives substantial discount , training costs , about 2 thousand dollars a year . In a private school department operates in the Russian language . With teachers and students which in Yaroslavl longstanding contacts in the student exchange at the Pedagogical University . KDUshinskogo . In Midlberri delegation met with students of Russian language . Americans value the internship if they are held in provincial cities . According to them, there is a real Russian language is preserved . Incidentally, another observation: many libraries work late , student - right up to the hour of the night , there is full of life.

Vyacheslav Gavrilov met Miro Veynbergerom , mayor of Burlington , and Joan Shannon, chairman of the City Council . U.S. officials told about the principles of city management system and political system on the formation of government. By the way, there is the direct election of the mayor, elected for three years . Population actively supports independent nominees to representative bodies . Representatives of the City Council ( of 14 people ) are elected for two years. Election date - a weekday , the first Tuesday in March . The Mayor and City Council work within the thesis " strong mayor - strong city council ," without political confrontation .

It turned out that a successful regional manager has Russian roots , but Russia never was . It is possible that such a trip is yet to come , because Yaroslavl officially invited him to the Days of American culture, traditionally held in Yaroslavl in 2011 October with the participation of the friendship society " Russian -American Association " and the town hall.

Visit program in the United States formed the friendship society representatives from the American side , but according to the wishes of Yaroslavl . Every day schedule was full of interesting meetings : it participated in the opening season of childrens baseball games , field trips , etc. Including meetings with former compatriots . They successfully entered into the social system of American values ??, although homesick . Many at the call of the heart and soul involved in the program Days of Yaroslavl in Burlington, organized an amateur concert. Support compatriots - this is an important mission of Yaroslavl Friendship Society .

Irina Novikova , chairman of the Friendship Society , stressed that the principle of public figures - in contacts with citizens, in promoting a positive image of the country and home town in the world space .

Victoria Sotskova

RIA "National Alliance"

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