Why not embed Railways invention of Professor Leo Razmolodin

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Posted on: 25/10/2013 09:58

Why not embed Railways invention of Professor Leo Razmolodin

Many officials and politicians talk about supporting innovation. And what do the real? Here is an example: Yaroslavl scientists have invented a device that allows you to work more stably railroad tracks. In this respect it prevents derailment .

It seemed Railways should run after him to get a "chip" , because at stake is the safety of passengers who pay for a ticket and want to ensure your safety . Ahn, no . Professor of Yaroslavl State Technical University Lev Razmolodin the third time is seen with officials from the Railways and all to no avail . Many years ago, he and his colleagues puzzled theme of safety of railway lines. The latest example - its a train wreck , " Novosibirsk - Adler " 07.07.13 in New Jersey. The cause of the accident was the loss of stability in the horizontal plane of the rail grid because of the heat , that is, fever and cars simply slipped .

The rails in the current form since the 19th century , cars and traffic management system change, and rails - no. Thought professor with colleagues and patented a backing device . The innovation eliminates the kink rail in a crash , increases smoothness at high-speed driving mode increases the resistance per unit length lift rail , reduces wear of wheel and rail , reduces the number of defects, etc. All these figures are "talking" for professionals, but for passengers main argument - improving traffic safety. There are cost savings by reducing the cost of routine maintenance of road and energy.

The first time addressed to Professor railroad , and the project was taken up at a technical meeting with the chief engineer of the "Northern railway - branch of JSC" Russian Railways ", recommended for inclusion in the R & D plan of" Russian Railways ". Twice in the Department of Technical Policy of " Russian Railways " ( 21.12.2012g . And 26.06.2013g . ) . As a result, he was offered his own expense to manufacture a prototype and test the device on experimental range of accredited test center OJSC " Russian Railways ". Maybe they compared their salaries with professorial ?

Lev introduced his invention railroad in all its glory , the economic effect is calculated . Railways told him - "And we do not understand your economic scenario . And give us some - payment on a different system . " Maybe , thought to lag behind . He returned to Yaroslavl and calculated for a different scheme.

And it turns out that the benefit from the introduction of Railways - a solid : the payback period of the construction path is 3-4 years , with the average savings from the introduction to the way 1kilometr per year will be 1,741,718 rubles.

For the third time asked the JSC " Russian Railways " to consider the project at the Joint Scientific Council . It has been 10 months , no answer . Proposed to consider the project of " VNIIZhT ." And once again gathered in the capital Railways and again discussed the same storage innovation project theme : "Improving the reliability and safety of railways ." He returned to Yaroslavl Lev with the residue in the shower, that nothing needs to officials of the railway that is ruining their monopoly on the vine .

Maybe the way it is . Although the final act in the play about the safety of the railways have not yet played. There is a hope for common sense leadership. I, like millions, users of railway safety issue is very important

We pay not only for the Russian Railways bed , tea and a shelf on the train , but also for innovation. According to specialists , the rails in Russia are inferior in quality twice overseas , are unsuitable for high-speed traffic . Implement the mind to the device under construction roads. The President of the summer at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum announced that there will be a large-scale reconstruction of the Trans-Siberian railway lines and BAM. Is where to turn . The thing is retrograde and is not desired, as it is now to say, move to officials. They have everything , they are moving more and more planes or vehicles. Why do they need these rails, inventions? Then strain the gyrus is necessary, not " drank ." That stalled inventor in place , and thats exposed to heat and cold passengers threat of derailment , here we go we are at (the average speed of all trains 40km/chas ), which is simply not seemly for a country to enter outer space .

Victoria Sotskova 

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