Who will stop the rising cost of living?.

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Author of publication: Андрей Смирнов

Posted on: 17/04/2013 18:04

Who will stop the rising cost of living?

Vladimir Denisenko, chairman of the "Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights of Khabarovsk" believes necessary to have leverage over the monopolists to curb the rise in prices and tariffs.

  Until we get the opportunity to influence the behavior of monopolistic structures, prices and tariffs will continue - the chairman of the NGO "Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights in Khabarovsk" Vladimir Denisenko. As a member of the Community Advisory Council of the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service in the Khabarovsk region, he made several proposals to strengthen the role of society in antitrust regulation. Outlets are many, but the prices of goods do not fall, and the quality of service does not improve. Passenger vehicles in excess, but here the situation is similar. Housing construction on the rise, and the cost per square meter is not falling. Banks - at every turn, but interest rates through the roof. And so everywhere. "Whats the problem?" - Asks Vladimir Denisenko. Incorrectly formulated strategy. Competition is not a goal but a tool for development. The goal - improving the standard of living at the expense of competition. Before the government set targets to increase the quantity and volume indicators, but not to contain the rise in prices and tariffs. MSN authorities focused on the implementation of projects and programs, but the ministry or department is not responsible for the tariff, which is at the mercy of the business. Hence the dissatisfaction of consumers. They can not understand - why government regulation is reduced only to raise tariffs on electricity, heat and gas. In such circumstances it is impossible to assess project the effectiveness of any government or business.

For example, an "excellent" can be put, if, within three years, the cost of bread has not changed. After all, the competition is not for the sake of competition, and to meet public demand. Over 20 years of psychology public administration remained the same. The program of the competition task - to reach competitive industry. Thats embrace. For example, education. It is not clear who is there who is competing in the compulsory execution of state standards. The fact that the standards are not always enforced, hushed, but in assessing the effectiveness of universities included GPA students on the exam. They measure the competition? My grandson attended the village school and was listed in the standouts. Moved to the city and became a non-achiever. The question of enrollment in higher education is decided for him, depending on the quantitative index of the CSE in points. According to statistics, the share of government in the economy exceeded 50 percent. How objective the process of state domination in the development of competition? - Asks Vladimir Denisenko. Business accuses local authorities of balance markets. For municipal companies rent space cheaply, use administrative resources. State corporations with unlimited possibilities. Analyzing the situation in industries convinced - the state can be an effective owner. For consumers, the result is important.

In developed countries, there is a process of nationalization if the privatized enterprise can not cope with their tasks. The United Kingdom, for example, nationalized "Water". Reform of JSC "Russian Railways" is over, but consumers are not satisfied with the result. Is it time to raise the issue of the nationalization of the railways? Business does not want to engage in the production of bricks, but if the plant will build the city administration of Khabarovsk situation with a deficit of building materials will improve. For consumers who still master the markets, if only life was getting better. In the privatization laid a false goal - to make all the owners. They say that they are better able to control. However, do not grow together.

The equal sign between the owner and deliver an effective manager is still impossible. All the owners have done, but walk into an apartment and see the order, and the other - a mess. A lot of musicians in the orchestra and the conductor of one. Artists in the company of many, and one director. A lot of players on the field, and one coach. We did not understand that an effective manager is the subject piece. Many property owners and managers still need to grow. Us "Kashmar" property. "The roof leaks?" - This is your responsibility. But who taught people to manage?

Privatization was not a sign of improved management and destruction of the flag of socialism. Citizens tied to the property, limiting movement in the country and creating the problem of illegal migration. In regions for which no available apartments or rental housing. And tied to the management companies - to the same housing department with the new status, which is now made with the tenants what they want, until their withdrawal in rent in offshore accounts. Abroad, UK - three of a manager hired by the owners to find teams of repairmen on competition. Our locksmiths, plumbers, janitors - Team members of the CC. Try it, confront them with the claim. You will want to get rid of negligent janitor will have to change the management company. Built system is not sustainable - said Vladimir Denisenko. The difficult situation in the housing sector. This "lifestyle" should be divided into two parts - the housing, where competition is possible, and utility, where competition does not create even in the foreseeable future. In the housing sector to form a company for repair and maintenance, and utilities, where the networks and infrastructure owned monopolies, to conduct strict regulation. After all, only the power to dictate the terms of Krakow, which established the common parts. Next remit of the Criminal Code, which the owners, according to the accounts of the ARF, it is difficult to arrange. The situation is changing, but slowly and surely. "Khabarovskkraigas" refused to cooperate with the Criminal Code, but because they can not trust the gas appliances inside the house for safety. Signalmen left their profits with the appearance on the market of mobile operators. How long has it taken for 6000 rubles per user "to connect two wires"?

            As for the other monopolists, we need a law to freeze the tariffs, which lies in the State Duma five years. It is proposed to fix the rates for up to three years, and then to watch - monopoly structure with a profit or a loss? Was not cost-effective - to increase the rate and profitable - to offer their investment programs not at the expense of consumers and loans for commercial banks. Monopolist increases the rate, without engaging in cost savings and upgrades to give billions of dollars in profits. As a result, the rich get richer and the poor - poorer. Hence the failure of the federal program for the development of competition. Grow rich at the expense of monopolists must modernize and improve the efficiency of management, and they are shut out from the consumers high fence "in the form of trade secrets.

    Removed from the influence of society on the formation of tariffs. The Committee on the prices and rates its rules FTS, and the rules as written by the monopolists, as consumers learn from the newspapers. The tariff is laid theft, insurance, financial incentives, the maintenance of children in kindergartens, sanatorium treatment managers. Himself bore witness to both communicators during binge of "metal" suggested to account for its costs in the amount of 40 kilometers steal expensive cabling - says Vladimir Denisenko. Do not allow the government experts of NGOs to the calculations of the monopolies, prices and tariffs will make the state uncompetitive. Need to change the strategy of the development of competition so as to be a monopoly was not profitable. In Russia, the monopolist - honorable status, providing high profits. Otherwise, he will not advertise its "national treasure." Abroad, not to take market share of more than 10 percent, companies are going to sell the shares and the creation of the hands of competitors. For the dominant position it has to pay a high price. If society is to oversee the Atlantic structures in the line ministries and agencies should not create advisory and coordinating councils, with what has already agreed to the governor of Khabarovsk Territory. It is hard to imagine the Council, which influences the decision of the Minister utilities. Or to the Chairman of the Council Committee on Prices and tariffs territorial government.

But then who would require the monopolist, instead of calculating the tariff increase payments to reduce production costs? Society must exercise control or supervision? The question is not idle in a limited number of inspections of economic entities. Control is carried out in accordance with the schedule and rules. Surveillance can be compared to manned guards on the road. Spied violation of the law is forced to correct. It is no accident the chief sanitary doctor of Russia proposed to approve Rospotrebnadzora as control and monitoring functions. It is clear that the control of trade, transport, or in the public sector is inefficient. Society needs to be protected from monopolies, preventing the increase in living standards and socio-economic development of regions - concluded Vladimir Denisenko.

   Andrei Smirnov, Khabarovsk.

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